[05/26] Back to Soul Train, part III (funk and soul night)

Back to SOul Train, part. III

=== May 26 at 10:00pm until May 27 after 5:00pm ====

The Funk and Soul event is back for the third time, with Soul and Funk bands for warming up and hot DJs to keep it going until dawn !


* The Funky Brothers
(live band)
Some say you can control your body, but can’t control your heart.
The FunkyBrothers not only will have you move uncontrollably, but will give you unforgettable memories !


* DJ Vicar
In a climate where DJ’s have all but surrendered themselves to what everyone knows, Vicar remains one of the few diggers left who bravely attacks each set with both a teacher’s wisdom and a student’s excitement. Seamlessly blending ‘never before heard’ tracks from genres and eras spanning the history of music with timeless classics and new school gems, Vicar remains a testament that good music is good music regardless of familiarity.

From Useless Brotherhood, Lives in Live, plays Dub/Dubstep/Drumstep/Jungle/Reggae/etc…

* Plasticized Cherry Bomb Squad
(DJ [crazy] Crew)
As stated above, they’re crazy…

(live band)
Started in 2010, the OTA! SOul Band plays R&B,Soul, Rap, Gospel, Soul Jazz, etc…


Date: 5/26 (SAT) 22:00~ (doors open at 22.00 but close at last man standing)
Tickets: presales 300 NT$ ( limited to 200 tickets) / at doors 350NT$
Presales at : www.walkieticket.com , and convenience stores (Family Mart/7-11 ibon)

Venue: Pipe Live Music
Taipei City, ZHongZheng District, SiYuan Street no1. 台北市中正區思源街1號
Around GongGuang MRT, exit 4.


12:30-01:00 FREE Tequila shots
01:00-02:00 Gin Tonic NT$50/ Taiwan Beer NT$ 100[/color]

More Infos for Facebook users, here is the FB Event PAGE

and for those who would like to discover the Funky Brothers, here is a short video from the Springscream :

Funky Brothers rule~

Thanks Marcus :sunglasses:

for thos who don’t know DJ Vicar (yet) :

the New
Funky Brothers T-shirts
will be on sales for only 500nt$ (with a free EP !!) at the Back to Soul train 3 (Saturday 05/26 @ Pipe - 22.00) [original price = 980 n$]

Check the event page : facebook.com/events/392377480783608/

(and don’t forget, we have [color=#FF0000]FREE TEQUILA SHOTS[/color] from 00.30 till 01.00 !!! )