1-2 hours kinder garden for 1.5 yr old?

I am looking for some kind of “part time” kinder garden for my child- 1-2 hours per day. he is 1 year and 4 months old. i heard some of the kinder gardens in Taipei has this kind of short program. we live in An-He Rd. sec 2 but any place downtown will be OK. we are also willing to except non-English speaking kinder garden, the main purpose is for the child to communicate with others on his own age. any suggestions?

Very few will accept kids that young. My pal used to do a Japanese one with kids from 9 months, upwards, but she quit a couple of years back. J-Kids, somewhere in Da An, on HePing. (They also have English classes, but not sure what age they start)

Accepting kids that age is much more common than you might think. Working parents need somewhere to leave their kids while they go earn a living, and grandparents are not always nearby. You probably need something like a tuo1 er2 suo3 托兒所. I don’t live in Taipei City though, so I can’t really recommend anything. The harder part will be negotiating a fair deal for only 1-2 hours/day.

is he potty trained? that’s the requirement at my kindy. we’ve had as young as 1 year 8 months.

Sure, in big cities. Proportionally, there are very few, though, because of the potty training issue. You need a lot more staff for under 3s. Um, unless they just don’t bother changing them very often …

There are daycares for children that young, but not usually for just one or two hours. And if they agree to take your kid for such a short time, keep in mind he/she will be exposed to all sorts of germs and will probably be sick all the time. Couldn’t you just find - or start - a playgroup?

for 2 hours changing daipers is not really an issue…he will wait till he get home…
we are taking him to a playgroup but its like only once a week.
if someone do have an address of such kinder garden i will be happy to pay there a visit.

my daughter comes to school with me, she’s 18 months old and that’s their minimum but she did go a few odd days at 13 months. You could easily lie about his age, the potty training issue isn’t the reason for 18 months age restriction. my daughter isn’t trained.

there’s no part time at my school though, and the cost for non staff people is over $600 a day. that’s probably more of a factor than finding somewhere to take him.

They’ll know you’re lying - it’s just whether they want the cash or not. Be wary if they let you lie! :laughing:

Yeah, if they’re around kids all day, they’ll be able to tell roughly how old he is.

Perhaps, but my daughter is very large at 93cm tall and 14kg. Most people think she’s 2. If your son is also larger than your average bear, you could easily make the lie work.

Whats the address of that school?

It works at first glance. But the kindy workers are around kids all day. The child’s behavior and language skills will give his age away.

To the OP: if it’s not obvious, you’re not getting many suggestions for a preschool for a one-year-old because most people don’t think it is a good idea.

I did not got any address or reccomendation so if someone just know Kindergardens around An He Rd sec 2 area and can give me an address- i will drop by there and talk to theme see what i can get.

Unless it’s a Montessori school.

[quote=“dudzaar02”]I did not got any address or reccomendation so if someone just know Kindergardens around An He Rd sec 2 area and can give me an address- i will drop by there and talk to theme see what i can get.

I also follow this thread and hoping to get some clues. What do parents usually do in Taiwan with their kids in terms of early childhood development? (We are not yet in Taiwan…but will move there in July/August).
Here in Europe I am going for a weekly play group plus baby swimming…and if we would have stayed here our lil angel would have gone into a creche from September onwards and Mummy back to work - well at least for a few hours a week.

So hoping to hear what expat women do with their young offspring in Taiwan.


We have some Mommy and Me classes like Kindermusik, Gymboree and Signing Time plus there are some tumbling classes and dance classes. We get together for playgroups during the week as well.