1 - 2 years in Taipei: what should I do about a phone?

Looking at working in Taipei for at least 6 months and up to 2 years.
Should I just bring my own iPhone and buy a sim card there or would it be better to buy a new phone there with new sim card?
Also, i’m assuming Pay As You Go is best thing to do instead of a contract?
Thank you!

Bring your own unlocked phone, and then get a 1 or 2 year contract SIM here. Expect to pay minimum $299 a month for unlimited data, and max about $700, depending on the carrier.


If you have a working (and unlocked) phone, just use that one. No need to buy a new one just because you’re moving to Taiwan.


It’s the opposite from abroad: contracts are cheaper, you get faster speed.

You could bring your own phone as long as it is not restricted/locked to a certain carrier. Check bands available.

If you choose to buy a phone here, you can buy one with service contract bundled. Or separately.

You can get the monthly payment taken from your bank account.

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+1 to what meishijia said.

If you have any of the usual “omg I’m not sure if we can do a phone contract for a foreigner” your employer will almost certainly be able to assist. PAYG is barely even a thing in Taiwan.

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Should one sign a contract right at the airport? Or is this not recommended? Personally, I would rather shop around for a better deal once I am out of quarantine, but if one’s required to have a Taiwanese phone number to receive notifications …

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go to any of the many shops selling the services. they are literally everywhere.

if you do pay as you go, note internet gets very expensive very fast if you go over. if you use it a lot, best to get a cheap unlimited package.

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Thanks everyone. Appreciate the great info!

My first thought was to buy a new phone and SIM card and keep all my Taiwan activities separate. But then I realized I’d have to setup all my apps again and some are tricky (MS Teams and MS Outlook which I need for work).

So, I’ll go the new SIM Card route!

I would get one of the 2 week or 4 week all you can eat sim’s form the airport, it gives you enough time to sort out the things you need to do and figure out what deal you want later.


Thanks for the answer. Can I port the same number to a different provider later on?

Porting is possible, I did it in 2013. Likely easier now. I would guess you need to go down to the office of whoever provider you choose.

I don’t recall huge differences in their services or pricing, though.


I had to put down an NTD3k deposit at Far EasTone. Foreigner discriminatory tax. They said it would be returned to me after the one year contract.

I pay NT799 for unlimited 5G data, texts and calls.

I recently renewed my contract for another year. They wouldn’t return it to me. They said at the end of THIS one year contract.

The trials and tribulations of being a big nose in Taiwan. What can you do? I just bend over and accept it, because I lack the language ability to plead my case.

That’s where you went wrong. They don’t deserve our business. Just go to Chunghwa and or Taiwan mobile both have great service ime.

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Yeah hindsight and all.

I did not have this discrimination when I was with CHT.

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You can tell them no to resigning and just go to a different carrier