1.93 gigs in Bookmarks?!?!

Someone tell me that this is wrong.

In the last couple weeks I’ve upgraded to Tiger on my Mac Mini.

I just ran WhatSize to see where I could find some space.

In Application Support, there’s Firefox, taking up 1.93 gigs.
Apparently I have 1,314 bookmarks. (What can I say, I was hooked on StumbleUpon for a while, and I’m an information junkie.)

If I’m reading this correctly, each bookmark is taking between 346 kb (bookmarks-1.html), and 1.97 mb (bookmarks-1208.html). I initially that that the indicated memory usage was cumulative, but there are later bookmarks that indicate less memory usage. So what the hell? How does a BOOKMARK take up that much space?

Ok, why do I need that many bookmarks? I guess I don’t, but they do get used.

Am I actually burning THAT much space on bookmarks???

I just checked where I keep my bookmarks and it seems that at some interval Firefox saves a snapshot of your bookmarks in .html format. So what you have there is a list of files where, unless you delete bookmarks from time to time, each snapshot will grow bigger. That’s why you started out with -1 (being the first) having 200kb and -1208 (being the most recent) having a couple megs.

Open up the .html file and take a look at the difference.

Here a handy - FREE - tool that I use occasionally to remove dea or out of date links from my bookmarks. And they do pile up quickly.


The right place to look for an answer is the Mozilla Firefox forums :slight_smile:


Oops. I missed that thread and just started a new one over there. Thanks.

And thanks TC. the program you cited doesn’t run on Macs, but thanks anyways.

*edit: went through the Mozilla forums, saved my bookmarks, changed the permissions, and deleted all of the extra copys. Space used dropped from 1.93 gb to 85 mb. That’s muuuuuccccchhhh better. :thumbsup: