1)Heart Rate Monitor for cycling 2)Info on Sanyi bike race

Any of you guys know where I can find a HRM for cycling? I’ve tried the bike shops, sports shops and medical shops here in Changhua and haven’t found any. The medical shops have HRMs, but not one’s that can be used for cycling. I went into Taichung today and tried the large Giant bike/outdoor store on WenXin S Rd and the guys there told me that they didn’t stock them either (which is crazy - they sell Tour de France model racing bikes for NT$170 000 but no HRMs). Is there anywhere in Taipei or Kaoshiung that stocks them?

Also, I saw an entry form for a race on the 14th Oct, which I think is in Sanyi. I can’t find any info on the Giant Taiwan website (even though the entry form listed the website to get more info). Anyone know anything?