(1) Kill Mom. (2) Get inheritance. (3) Pay for GF's boob job


Daily Rotten had a great headline for this: “Hit-man paid by tit-man.”

(Just doing my part to keep everyone informed of important current events!)

I went to see that movie, Burn After Reading, today. It sounds similar.

Shit, I thought there were going to be instructions…

lol, that would be one helluva online tutorial. :slight_smile:

I can fully relate to the first two…however with regards to the third…I prefer skinny Lolita types.

Well, better write-off no. 2 as well. My father told me the only thing I would inherit from him is, “an expensive taste”. So far, according to my friends I only have bad taste.

That’s what happens when you “spare the rod” you “spoil the child.” That boy needed Jesus…

Well where he’s going, the only breasts he’ll see will belong to his cellmate Bubba.

So it would be a moob job then?

How do people this stupid exist?

The parents. It always boils down to the parenting.