1 NT$ Coins


My first post, even though I have been here (Jubie/Chubie) for three months and will be here for two years more and I hope longer. I have a big stash of 1 NT$ coins already. Can I put them in a big jar and wait for a year or so and maybe add 7-11 receipt lottery winnings to it, take kg’s of them to the bank and get paper money to spend on you guys? Do they have paper wrappers like in the US or will they look like I am crazy ?

What to do with these copper thingies that don’t have Lincoln on them???

Sorry if this has been posted before, vodka and cranberry juice makes me lazy.

Jubei poker night :fedora:

Hi mikehs and welcome here.

If you bring a jar of coins to the bank, they will count it and give you your money. They offer you a seat while you wait. There’s no rollers here that I know of, they use molded plastic trays.

Another day, another nt dollar. :wink:


Good luck with the reciept lotto stuff, I have thousands of them and when it comes time to check, it sucks going through em. Sucks more when you go through a ton of them and find you didn’t win anything.

“Trying to make an NT dolla outta 15 cents.” :beatnik:

Welcome aboard, mikehs.

My advice is to stick all of your change, 1s, 5s, 10s, 50s, in a jar every time you get home, and forget about it. This will a) perhaps provide a small disincentive when it comes to popping into 7-11 for an unnecessary snack, and b) save you a bundle. The numbers on the coins are small, but the real value builds quickly… hey, 1 NT is damn neat a nickle… then it’s play dough. I’ve made a habit of this, and in no time at all you can have $1500 NT in your stash. Once, when I was working long hours and couldn’t get around to taking the money to the bank, I sat on my stash so long that it built up to over $10,000. :astonished: :slight_smile:

And if you think vodka and cranberry makes you lazy, try vodka and apple juice. Zubrowski and Tree Top are marvelous together. Cheap too. :wink:

I’ve bought plane tickets with $.50nt coins before… :stuck_out_tongue:

I also save my pocket change. I also dump a few notes in when I have a few extra. It is amazing how they add up. Last trip to the bank was 16,000 NT. I knew there was alot but I didn’t expect that much. My friend, and student, at the bank suggested that it would be much easier for them if I kept the various denominations separate. I do that now but I think other banks don’t care. They just put it through the coin machine and tally it all.

Saving up with pocket change like this to get the little Cowboy a new computer. We’re at NT$6,500 now. Rascal hits my pockets before I can take my pants off every day.
Has 4 different banks going with change. So SAVE SAVE SAVE!

Thank God my rascals are grown up. I do think I may have to hide the change when my 23 year old comes. Maybe for your child counting is useful exercise. I think I won’t count until some winter day when it is pissing rain outside.

Did they hate you for it??

mikehs -
:slight_smile: The little peckerwood is a math whiz. He counts his booty 3 times a week. And woe unto me or Mrs. Cowboy if we make change with his loot! He knows if we insert paper money for his change…little wacko.
Anyway, its a good experience for him and its fun for him to watch it grow.

Thank G-d he hasn’t learned about compound interest yet!

Hey Tainan the varmit is a math wizz, but does he understand the difference between Yen and NT$. I have plenty of those useless aluminum floating yen. You think we could do a one for one exchange with the little guy and you and I split the exchange?

mikehs -
Yeah…he saw me looking at the exchange rate graphics and has figured them out.
He also works a mean calculator! :wink:

Hey Tainan

Back in USA we had neighbors when their kid was little he preferred the Wall Street Journal and is now a successful investment banker. When he was six, his mom got him a little turtle. Within a few weeks he had traded up through multiple trades and had something that I swear was a Komodo Dragon. Does this sound familiar in your place? Maybe he can become a GM of a baseball team someday.

Todays example:
Thru some wheeling & dealing on his part, he informs me that Momma still owes him NT$35 on his allowance. He asks if I can give it to him.
I check with the Mrs. and its true so I say OK.
Smallest I have is a NT$50 coin so I say lets walk over to 7/11 and I’ll get change and clear things up.
The wheels start spinning in his head. He looks at me, gets a grin and says - “I have an idea, you give me the $NT50 now and next wednesday I will give you back NT$30 instead of $15…OK?”

He’s 10 yrs old. I got change and gave him his NT$35.
Next year I’ll tell him about commodities and derivatives.

Tainan Cowboy

Tell him to give you 10,000 back next year. Work on him. Don’t you want to retire in 10 years ?