"1 unread message"

The indicator at the top is telling me I have “1 unread message”. Can’t find it. Don’t see anything unread. Don’t have any new messages. Didn’t have anything left unread before the changeover.

Bug? Feature? An attempt to drive me insane? Too fucking late on that, people.

Just curious. :ohreally:

Sorry you couldn’t open it. I’ve reprinted the message below:

[color=#FF0000]“SELL, SELL, SELL. DUMP EVERYTHING NOW!!!”[/color]

Oh well, too late now. Never mind.

Had the same issue, so went trawling through my PMs and sure enough, there was one there that hadn’t registered as read.


It was from Mother Lousie in Uganda. She wants you to know that you won an inheritance. I have her email address, so send me your bank numbers and atm pin code.

Exactly the same happened to me - took me a week to find the bugger