1 year wait after TARC to get citizenship - in 2019?

This is unacceptable, Taiwan at its best right there… Just wait until you are 18… live 16 years jumping through hoops and then come back for a last round.


They do know, it is actually MOI not MOFA who handles the list, I have seen it with my own eyes. Even though they have that list they still have you do all the paperwork to prove it. It just adds insult to injury.


You are right. It’s the MOI.

For special cases I think they refer to MOFA, who in turn asks BOCA or the relevant Embassy. For my daughter’s naturalization application, I tried to get an exemption from applying for her single (not married) certificate, given she was <6 months old.

The MOI consulted the TECO in Philippines, and gave me the exact wording of the law telling me that I “could” get it regardless of age. They even gave the name of leader of the office that issues those certificates, and “assured” me that I can get it.

To be frank, I knew I could get it, but I didn’t want to, because it was a hassle especially during COVID, and I just found the concept of that certificate very sickening for a 6 month infant.

I tried to appeal to their common sense but failed. I also learnt a valuable lesson. They know the laws of other countries very well, especially when it serves them.


True that. I actually have a screenshot of that list but I edited to only the section of my country. This was provided to me by the HRO officer who handled my case, she took a picture of the page where my country is listed, I should have saved the entire page lol

found another part

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People need to understand that MOFA handles foreign affairs, everything outside Taiwan. BOCA, Bureau of Consular Affairs. They can issue a visa, but once you cross the border NIA takes over.
MOI handles everything inside Taiwan, interior. Like immigration (NIA).

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Yeah and BOCA is a department of MOFA.
Same as NIA is a department of MOI.

This is also the case in Italy and a few other countries. Being born in Italy means nothing and you are a foreigner until you are 18.


Understandable, but then don’t allow under 18 to apply for naturalization when the answer is come back when you are 18!

Her situation is she has already naturalized successfully, but they won’t give her full citizenship until she renounces her old one, which she legally cannot because she is still a baby.

Exactly my point, why be in limbo until 18? They should have thought this through.

They do it in Italy too.

Limbo till 18