10,000 South Africans emigrated to Taiwan?

I have heard that there are about 10,000 South Africans in Taiwan who have renounced their SA passport and obtained an ROC ID and passport with full ROC citizenship. Can this be true or is this old news, or just an urban legend?

Where are they, then?

They walk among us apparently, just like those Canadians.

You mean South African Hwa Qiao? I know my landlady holds South African AND Taiwanese Passports.

As I understand it, these are mostly white South Africans, but as I mentioned, I don’t know any facts about the topic.

Can any South Africans out there shed any light on this topic?

That’s total rubbish

Though there are tonnes of South Africans in Taiwan I’d doubt the number of them that hold a Taiwanese passport is more than multiples of ten. Do you know how hard it is to get a Taiwanese passport? Missionaries have lived here 50 years without getting one (I recently saw a priest in the paper get one from his deathbed). Even now you must work here continuously for over 183 days for 7 years before you can look to get one (permanent residency, still not a passport I believe). In the future though I wouldn’t doubt there will be many permanent residency holders which is a good thing for Taiwan and English literacy.

I’m just speculating here, but perhaps ROC passports are available to people from western countries who are willing to give up their pasports AND invest a certain amount of money in Taiwan.
It could just as equally be a load of rubbish.

How can one find out data on the foreign population in Taiwan? Does the ROC Yearbook have anything like that?

[quote=“Spack”]They walk among us apparently, just like those Canadians.[/quote]Actually, more like “those” Americans.