10/2 Small Business Luncheon, European Chamber of Commerce

I have often heard foreign entrepreneurs in Taiwan talk about problems with government rules, being ignored by banks, needing information about laws, marketing, management and much more.

Many times I have participated in discussions where it was mentioned that foreign entrepreneurs should join together to push for issues that are special to us. So I am happy that The European Chamber of Commerce http://www.ecct.com.tw/ has started a SME Centre that will provide information and support to foreign entrepreneurs in Taiwan and European SMEs that do business in Taiwan. Taiwanese entrepreneurs are of course also welcome.

The first SME Centre Workshop Luncheon will be at the Far Eastern Plaza Hotel on October 2. I am really looking forward to meet and listen to the representative of the government’s SME Administration as well as the other speakers.

Anyone who is interested can download the sign-up form from http://www.enspyre.com/Invi_1002.doc. Fill in the invitation and fax it to ECCT at (02) 2772-0530.

Take care,
Elias Ek