10 day mandatory shutdown?

10 day mandatory shutdown?..

here in Taichung talk is rife over a supposed mandatory island wide 10 day “stay at home” period apparently being considered by

I hate to say that, but the 10 day shut down thingy will NEVER WORK IN TAIWAN!!! Citizens of Taiwan doesn’t give a damn about the govt. Look at the few cases that already happened, ppl would still go out and buy ciggie, drinks, or walk around the community w/out wearing a mask!!Why can’t Taiwanese citizens for god sake, just for once, do what is the best for the country…??? :imp:

  • MiakaW

exactly… the police and military are supposed to enforce the shutdown, but the taiwan police and terrified to do anything about anything… they are completely ineffectual… recently in taichung, a guy got beaten up by gangsters in a police station, because after he fled there to get away from the gangsters, they walked in pulled a gun and told the cops to get out of the station… and they did!!!.. and the guy promtly got the hell kicked out of him, after which the gangsters left, and the cops slinked back in… but try and tell a cop it’s illogical to ban turning left on a left turn light, and he’ll act like judge freakin dredd “i am the law”… how can you have respect for the law and law “enforcers” in a country where it is so obviously just a front?..

who knows, maybe the military is different, but you’re right about the problem being with the taiwanese people and their increadible selfishness when it comes to the ‘general good’ of their fellow islanders…