10 Day Scooter/Motorcycle Tour of Taiwan

Hey guys, I have a tour coming up on April 12th. It’s 10 days all inclusive (hotels, gas, food, activities, tour guide and vehicle if you need it). Depending on when you join the tour and if you use your own vehicle or not the price would be about 30k - 42k . At present I have 4 people flying in from Germany, Sweden, America and Australia. But normally I have more people so I thought I’d see if anyone already here was interested. I’ve had two “local foreigners” do my tour before and both loved it. One of which did it last year and is doing it again this year.

You would only need to book off work 5 days as we start on a Saturday and end on a Sunday.

Here is the tour site if you’re interested: http://hobbicide.com/M13Taiwan/test-3/

We do the entire island and prioritize beautiful roads over quick roads.