10 proposals for the politicians of Taiwan

10 proposals for the politicians of Taiwan

1 - End of the immunity for the legislators
1a - If a legislator is formally accused of any crime, he/she will be immediately suspended of functions
1b - Imposing of severe laws against prejudice of people, so that any one (no matter is position) that launches any faulty accusation over another should be harshly punished.

2 - Principal of Universality - Gains in the stock market, investment funds and similar are also considered as personal income, so should also be taxed as them.

3 - Principal of Solidarity - Social security taxes from 1% to 5%, depending on income

4 - All employees are obliged to have a contract that has to be approved by the respective workers union (so that no unrespectful or illegal clauses might show up) - end of limit of choice of work after the termination of the contract and end of return of bonuses and alike given during the time the employee was in the company. NDA’s are still possible.

5 - Payment of overtime to employees (this would increase tax collection, salaries and the amount of money in the market, which would lead to more consumption)

6 - End of low taxes for export oriented companies - Reduction of taxes for companies who support R&D. Creation of State-Run investigation agencies to employ the extra human resources that are available every year, which would develop projects with private owned companies. This would prevent many graduates without a job to try to move overseas

7 - Principle of Universal Education - The State is responsible for the education of the citizens, and therefore education should be free - the proposal on number 6 would help fund the educational system

8 - Investment on lower consumption of zero-emission transportation systems - Tax motorized vehicles by emission, whose tests would be made every year in specialized centers after the vehicle has more than 3 years (until then, the manufacturer information remains valid). Police can do random checks on the emission levels of the vehicles to assure that there are no fraud in the system. The buses would all run on natural gas or other forms of less polutive energy (instead of fuel) (broadly available even in poor countries).

9 - Creation of car and scooter parks for the neighborhoods where the roads are smaller, creation of sidewalks on every street so that road security would be increased. Creation of areas for scooters to be parked in the central town areas, removing them from the sidewalks. Improvement on the transport systems using articulated buses like this (http://www.mercedes-benz.com/content/mbcom/international/international_website/en/com/international_home/home/products/buses/public_service/capacity.html) in the big lines and small low floor buses up to 35 passengers for the small routes (like this one http://www.mercedes-benz.com/content/mbcom/international/international_website/en/com/international_home/home/products/buses/mini-buses/sprinterlowfloor.html).
Creation of the monthly pass for normal passengers and yearly pass for seniors and students. Also, connecting these buses with the normal MRT service, to provide a full transportation system, and allow people not to use other means (with this, you get lower pollution, lower noise, better living quality).

10 - Start an association for foreigners living in Taiwan, with representation in the LY, and that would represent the points-of-view and discuss current immigration and life politics. The foreigners represent a minority that has no way of speaking by them, nor make their needs addressed by the politicians. By this, you create more equality between people. Equality leads to understanding and understanding leads to peace. It is not correct that people who pay taxes like others have currently any way of addressing their views.

I didn’t put any proposal in regards with the cross-strait relationships, as my personal view is that the government should spend more time taking care of its people than the others.

I am open to hear anything that can go against these proposals, and, once and for all, to start making this TW politics forum a constructive one…

  1. Determination of the correct nationality classification for the native inhabitants of Taiwan

( See taiwanadvice.com/rcitizen.htm )

Long drifting comment directed at Hartzell about how the circumstances of the Sanfransico Treaty and pre/subsequent events, agreements and rules of law make this idea far more complicated than he ever makes it out to be withdrawn because I can’t be arsed.

I would like to see local government politics, and not ones that go only with the China/Taiwan Problem

Well, you can’t get more local than dealing with a consideration of who is, and who is not, a “local citizen” … and what exactly their citizenship is …

So, if there are no valid legal grounds for issuing ROC ID cards to local people in Taiwan, then maybe the MOI should temporarily discontinue issuing them …

but for them it is not a question, as they think that issuing ROC ID’s is their right - and noone ever sayd no and opposed to that.

The problem is that that relies on something it doesn’t depend only on them. And it is the proof of their natural innability to deal with power. Even SYS was able to biuld something completelly inneficient (a lot of wishfull thinking, in my pov).

And the thing I like the most is that everyone blames only the same person, while all the government machine is clearly blue. If you think not, just go ask around in the public workers where they are affiliated. And there are simply too many public “good for nothing” workers in Taiwan, just getting a big sallary and huge bonuses (3-4 months of sallary, as it was the case of the health insurance ones).