10 year China Visa for Americans applying from Taiwan?

Has anyone (Americans) had any success applying for a 10-year China visa from Taiwan?

(assumptions: ARC/APRC holder using a local Taiwan travel agent sending the visa application and passport to Hong Kong or elsewhere and receiving a 10 year visa.

I have only ever been able to get a 6-month multiple entry. I have heard some have sent their passports to the US to have an local agent apply for a 10 year, but this one guy lived in Japan, not Taiwan.

My American colleague just got the 10 year visa on his FIRST application.
That was from the US though.

I just got one in New York. When I submitted the application at the consulate I told them I lived in Taiwan and a ten-year visa would REALLY make life easier. I offered a photocopy of my ARC but they didn’t want it and said, “don’t worry, you’ll get a multiple entry.” Absolutely worth dealing with on your next trip home.

If you send your US passport back to a US agent, the Chinese will have no idea whether you live in Taiwan, Japan or Timbuktu.