10 Year Chinese tourist visa (British Citizen w/ Taiwan marriage ARC)

I would like to apply for a ten year Chinese tourist visa, without leaving Taiwan. I am a British citizen and hold a JFRV visa here in Taiwan. I’ve heard it’s possible, but can’t find any information.

Any help would be appreciated.

You might find some info in these threads.

10 year China tourist visas are only available to US and Canadian citizens. As far as I know.

According to this site we can: https://www.ivisa.com/china-blog/10-year-china-visa-for-uk-citizens

Then you found the info you need?

Not really. I know I can apply for the 10 year visa in any country with a Chinese embassy, but I am in Taiwan, a country without a Chinese embassy. I wanted to know if anyone else has successfully applied for this visa without leaving Taiwan by working with an agency.

Id try Lion travel because they can apply for China visas by posting your application either visa contacts in HK or in the US. They check ahead with their contacts to confirm if its possible too

I think most travel agencies here can help you get that visa. I know when I needed a visa for China, we just went to a travel agency, gave them some extra money and they sent everything to Hong Kong to get processed.

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These will process a China visa in Taiwan without requiring you to purchase a travel package. Normally 7-10 days but can be done in as little as 4 days. Prices vary per agency and per country passport.

China Travel Service
No. 54, Linsen North Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, 10491
02 2562 5858

10450, Taipei City, Zhongshan District, Changchun Rd, 40號6樓之8
02 2541 5271

Astor Tours
No. 197, Section 3, Nanjing East Road, Zhongshan District, 10491
02 2545 8199

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is this new? sounds amazing if true. i just mean the 10 year visa, i have no problems getting it from home if thats even possible? i go home every year.

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any info? all i can find is that brits (since 2016) now can get a minimum 2 year multiple entry visa. can’t find anything on the 10 year visa for brits outside of these visa agent sites.

the 2 year news is still pretty ace for me, a lot of hassle has just been removed.

Not sure about Brits, but I’ve walked into the first two and quickly obtained visa information prices and turnaround time for up to 10 year visa. One even said 10 year is standard now for USA. Not sure about others countries.