10 year old cat

Hi, I’m preparing my move to Taiwan and I am debating on wether or not to bring my cat. He is 10 now and worried about the flight. I heard from the UK he’d have to travel in cargo. The alternative is to leave him with my mum. I know he’d be happier with me, but…

Thanks for any advice.

Well, the issue of course is safety. Is your cat an indoor/outdoor fellow? Because here in Taiwan that is very dangerous, too many hazards from disease, wild dogs and bad people, not to mention traffic, weather, etc. So your feline friend would need to be indoors. Luckily most places have balconies that can double as catios.

As to bringing him, maybe you can look for an airline that allows him to go in the cabin. Maybe might require even driving to Europe, but worth it. Much safer.

Check the conditions for quarantine upon arrival. They are not the best.

Thanks. He is an indoor cat. The outdoor cat is staying in England for the very reasons you state.