100 Best Novels and Ballot Stuffing

randomhouse.com/modernlibrar … ovels.html

Nothing wrong with the Critics’ List, but that Readers’ List over there… :fume: :fume: :fume:

There ought to be an IQ test before you’re allowed to cast a ballot in a poll like this, to ensure that people dumb enough to join the Scientologist or Objectivist cults won’t pollute it with their spam.

It’s a shame that Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings is not even given a mention in the critic’s top 100. In my opinion, it’s a far greater novel than the vast majority of those listed.

Unfortunately, outdated modes of academic snobbery tend to exclude The Lord of the Rings from the realm of contemporary literary criticism. There’s a very interesting essay here http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0OON/is_4_23/ai_99848429 that explains why The Lord of the Rings is indeed very worthy of literary merit.

Just my two cents.

It is pretty weird that all those L. Ron Hubbard books are up at the top of the readers list though…

It’s not weird at all. Like I said, it’s obviously the result of cultists spamming the ballots. These are the same people that deliberately buy up hundreds of the same copies of L. Ron Hubbard books in order to send them to the bestseller charts.

I’ve read 16 of theose on the Critic’s list

18 on the reader’s list.

I wonder what that means about me?

Prpbably that I don’t read enough.