100 euros a day

Some things I learned:

Eating too many potatoes and pork chops, and drinking too much beer may make you look Czech.
Prague wasn’t built in a day.
The Czechs love their dogs.
Berlin is cheap and has great sales on clothes. They also have cream coloured Mercedes Benz taxis.
The Dutch are more conservative than I thought. You can smoke dope in the park, but you cannot buy a sleeping pill over the counter and no one went nekkid at the gay pride parade.
Italy has the sexiest men, most delicious food and the finest weather and you can ride the public transport for free if you’re immorally inclined.
The travelling English in Europe tend to embarrass themselves.

sounds like the trip was a smashing sucess!

You’ve never met me, have you?

Q: When is it appropriate to throw your glass of wine in your Italian girlfriend’s face?
A: If she leans too close to the candle during your romantic dinner, and sets her moustache on fire.

I must have stayed in London too long. How was your trip, Fredericka B.?

Except for the financial hiccup in my journey that was London (where the bleeding Underground costs 10 times as much as the MRT and a 1.5 L bottle of water is 5 times as much), I think I have managed to spend under 60 Euro a day, hostellery, drugs, er, entertainment and all. Just to let you all know a little sum’n sum’n…the Flying Pig Hostel that is so highly recommended in Let’s Go, Lonely Planet, and any other budget guide for Amsterdam requires either a reservation or showing up at their doorstep no later than 7:45 am to even stand a chance at getting a bed when they open up at 8:30. And plenty of coffeeshops around that place, if you’re into that. And yes, dammit, I am here for the culture, not the drugs.
The last leg of my journey is nigh…Paris from the 8th to the 12th and then back to Taiwan I come!

Tot ziens!

Bed in Hotel Euphemia 3 person dorm is 30 euro, Imaniou. Good place. Doubles with private bath are 40 each. Steep steps up. It’s an old monastary. It’s also just off Prinsengracht which is like the last major canal and around the corner from Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh. I recommend it mainly for the location because i HATE to be around throngs of tourists.

Italy has the sexiest men,

You’ve never met me, have you?

I’ve met you TMWC, but I didn’t realise you were Italian.


TMWC, If you’re a swarthy metrosexual with a roman nose, please PM me.
Imaniou, eat a spacecake and have a lie down on Rembrandt plein.

I bet the Van Gogh museum would have taken on a whole new plane if I went after a smoke. Sober it was rather boring.

Stayed there for hours! Did you check out the Gogh Modern bit downstairs? Fascinating. But then, I was stoned.

Fredericka:[quote]and drinking too much beer may make you look Czech.
TMWC, If you’re a swarthy metrosexual with a roman nose, please PM me.[/quote]
Sir Don:[quote]I’ve met you TMWC, but I didn’t realise you were Italian. [/quote]

Nope, not Italian, not swarthy, and definitely not waxing my balls for anyone. The point of my post was that I am infinitely more attractive than any dago.

Also I like Czech women: stylish, svelt, blondes that they are. Fredericka, what’s wrong with looking like that? Also, how can you use the words ‘too much’ and ‘beer’ in the same sentence when talking about the Czech nectar? I think you need to lay off the space cakes until you start thinking clearly again.

I think Paris and London have taken all Van Gogh’s good stuff and left Amsterdam with all the scraps…except for the painting he made for his nephew…that was the happiest painting I have ever seen by him. I bought the lithograph of it to hang in my kitchen.

Rest your head now and sleep well, dear Vincent. There is no more torture, angst or pain. Feel joy, dear Vincent. For your life’s work, your heart and soul, has been finely reproduced in mass quantities so people around the world can decorate their kitchens. :unamused:

Rest …

Amen, joesax… Warmonkey, I take it that any form of art in your home is an original then? Or are you in need of a sticupurarsectomy? Is art meant to only belong in the homes of those who can afford it or is it for the masses to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes…and why am I taking the bait of blatant trolling?