100 Great Things

I was imaging men swearing when I was writing the above, particularly middle aged men. Yes, come to think of it, Taiwanese women swear about as much as they pass wind, which, as far as I know, is never.

I dunno man, Ladyfunk says “shit” quite often.

With good reason I would imagine. :wink: Is it often swathed in the words, “Funk500 you annoying (shit) I am going to kill you!” :smiley:

Don’t know which number were on (not that it matters)

But I love Stationery Shops. Can spend far too long in them, looking at items I didn’t know existed.

+1 to that … the ones with cute pictures on them are my favourite.

I don’t know what number we are on but the mountains contain some great things.

Wufongci Waterfall (1st tier), Taiwan by abacus07, on Flickr


Being able to jump on your scooter and be almost anywhere in less than 10 minutes
Cheap morning orange juice and daily paper
Not having to work 9-5
Having S.E. Asia on your doorstep
Constant visual stimulation
No snow
Cheap consurmer items
Friendly TW willing to help almost anytime
A job I love

[quote=“wonder”]…Being able to jump on your scooter and be almost anywhere in less than 10 minutes
…Having S.E. Asia on your doorstep

You must have a damn powerful engine.

-Super efficient health insurance and govt agencies
-mountains mostly covered in forest

  • the HSR system , love this system for it’s civilized aspects, there is no comparison with Chinese one
  • cheap electricity, cheap gas, cheap insurance, cheap road tax
  • tax avoidance relatively easy, possible to save money
  • everything is convenient for modern living
  • people not overly nationalistic
  • people not anal and live and let live attitude

Chinese New Year decorations. :smiley:

The view from my back porch.

Nine-year bump, no idea what number we’re at, but Taiwan punching above its weight for islands and mountains: