100 ways to spice up your life

I have lost my joi de vivre. Any suggestions as tohow I might regain my zest for life? Plus, there’s a girl I want to impress.

Sprinkle cayenne in your underwear.
Very zesty.

Make up a story about your convoluted love life, post it on Forumosa, and watch the replies roll in. Be creative. Keep yourself entertained for days.

Sprinkle caynne in her underwear. If that doesn’t leave an impression, nothing else will. Also, it’s a good way to kill any lingering yeast infection.


A good walk through nature always does it for me. I spend 5 hours wandering the misty mountains of Muzha yesterday. Despite the pain in my back and my never-ending headache I felt inspired and re-invigorated.

Go to a museum. Particularly one with an odd show like embroidery. Something you would not normally to see in other words but may inspire or awe you.

Go to a bookstore and pick up some books on a subject you know nothing about but find interesting.

Start cooking for yourself. Really put some effort into it.

This may sound strange but organize your life. Be efficient. Put nothing off. Have your drawers arranged properly, your closet looking good, and your laundry all done. Shop for ingredients on the way home from work then prepare them, cook them, eat them, and then do the dishes. Alot time for the internet or reading or Tv after everything is done. Put nothing off. Do things as they come up and need to be done. We are happiest when immersed in something.


Four words:

Hot Tea Blow Job

You could copy the spice girls song, “spice up your life,” and play it as a mantra.
Colours of the world, spice up your life.

Perhaps adding this little lady to your life may help add some spice (with low sodium!)…

Buy a bicycle, if you don’t have one, and start riding in the hills or countryside (if you have the time and access) or at least on the riverside bike paths (which, if you haven’t used them yet, are nicer than you might expect).

Then, if the girl you’re after is truly worthy, she may be interested in joining you on some rides. If not, go without her.

Note: I’m buying a new bike today myself. :bouncy:

The source of your ennui is probably boredom with yourself. Self-involvement will do that to any sane person.

If you want to enjoy life and impress the girl simultaneously, figure out a way to serve her, but in a way that holds no angle for you. Perform the service with no concern for the outcome, other than how it helps her.

That will probably knock her socks off (not that you are tied to that outcome), and you’ll be a lot less bored.

Rinkals, I honestly thought you were a woman! Anyway. For me exercise is the key - get down the gym or better still go to the pool. You could have a nice meal out or take a break from this shitty weather - going south for a few days on your own might give you time to think and some breathing space. Taipei life effects me more than I’d like to admit.

Get away from the grind, switch off the computer and do something different.

L. :smiley:

[quote=“Limey”]Rinkals, I honestly thought you were a woman!
L. :smiley:[/quote]

I wonder what gave you that idea? :s At any rate, I thank all of you for your advice and am still watching this thread for more replies. I will inform you as to what I tried and what the results were, but don’t expect anything soon. This girl is careful. :idunno:

Book yourself and the girl into a weekend in a nudist camp.

Or, as there aren’t any nudist camps here in Taiwan :frowning: , buy some of the best lightweight camping gear you can get your hands on (if you don’t own it already) and take her out for a night or two of camping in the remotest, most pristine river valley you can hike your way into.

Try starting by writing 100 things you have to be greatful for.

  1. I am not lonely/alone. There is someone interested in moi. :bouncy: :yay:

The other 99 are for you to create.

Life always has it’s ebbs and flows. Perhaps this lost of ‘joi de vivre’ isn’t something to worry about, but awake up call. A part of you is saying “Hell, remember me/?!?!? You’ve been so busy with work, and such and such that you forgot me!! Give me some attention!!” Remember what brings smiles to people when they see you.

If that girl is worth her salt, then she’ll be able to sing “Just the way you are” at KTV to you!

I have been learning magic tricks over the past few yrs. Practicing keeps myself entertained and is an excellent icebreaker in almost any social situation. Most tricks are actually very easy to do and inexpensive.

That sounds interesting. Pease expand. Where do you get your box of magic tricks from.

Just do a google search. “magic tricks” Some sites will tell you have to do simple magic tricks for free ,others for a fee. Some tricks require props that can be purcased inexpensivly.I have my bro send me stuff from Canada, so I don’t know how long it would take for stuff to be shipped here via on line magic shop.

Many of David Blaine’s magic is quite easy to do if presented right. It’s with his card tricks (slights and forcing cards) that he truely excels, and it takes yrs of practice.


Here are a few sight for your viewing pleasure.

The girl I wanted to impress … has a guy. So, it’s back to being a couch patato slob for now.