100 Years of Flight

Historic day today: It’s the 100th anniversary of man’s first powered flight.

Though a serious acrophobe, I’ve always loved aviation.

But alleycat, there’s been alot of stories the papers lately that this entire Wright Brothers thing is a lie. They used inclined take off ramp, etc, and the real aviation pioneer is some dude from Brazil who lived in Paris. Santos or something. So 100 years of flight, phooey. It is a USA PR plant with no real historical truth. Maybe some others hear can cite the relevant stories that appeared in both the Post and the Times about this US plot of claim first flight when in fact it was the Brazilian guy. Figures. ANother Us myth hits the dust.

What do you mean you are an aerophobe?

I’m with you, Alleycat. I dig flight.

I think that the “golden age” of flight must have been the jet-set 50s and 60s, when people dressed up for flights, met in airport lounge bars for pre-flight cocktails, and so on.

However, I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t dress up for flights these days, opting for comfort on the long flights instead.

No matter who made the first “flying machine” that worked, flying is cool.

A Kiwi claims this title too


But I guess it is down to the definition of what is flight
I could drive off a building in my car… but would that constitute flight?
I don’t think so

of course I guess its never the discovery, its how you apply it i.e Boeing, Space Shuttle, Stealth Bomber

Too bloddy right! Richard Pearse was before the Wrights.


tHE WRight Brothers myth is like George Washington chopping down the cherry tree and never telling a lie myth. America seems to think it invented everything: it’s part of the PR history of that proud nation.

But the truth is elsewhere. The Wright BRos did not fly the first plane. CHeck google for the truth. it’s a nice story, cool for kids, but it aint true. actually, very little we know is true. Most truths we adhere to are false. but they make life interesting. so i will raise my glass to the righteous brothers tonight, god bless em both!