1001 Nights (Discussion of Books in Mandarin)

In some other threads people have commented on the lack of interesting resources to practice listening in Mandarin, so I’ll put this link to Liang Wendao’s 1001 Nights discussion of famous books series. The books include fiction and non-fiction.
This might be suitable for more advanced learners of Mandarin looking for more intelligent fare than what you usually find in the Mandarin mediascape. Simplified subtitles

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Ah yes 1001 nights, they have excellent lap dancers. Many a good memory has been made there.


So not great for learning written words then it seems.

thanks for the video, will hone in my listening skills of Chinas accent :slight_smile:

The presenter is from HK, went to school in Taiwan. So a Southern Mandarin accent

If youre able to read traditional characters fluently, then getting used to reading simplified is trivially easy (and vice-versa)

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Indeed, just not good for learning written form. unless learning China’s Mandarin.

HK is a part of the PRC, but traditional characters are used. Singapore is not, but uses simplified. Educated people throughout the Chinese speaking world can read both (and probably, like me, don’t even notice whether the subtitles they are looking at are in traditional or simplified unless their attention is drawn to it)

Us southern folk just aint so educated.

Just seemed weird to me that learning mandarin in Taiwan one would be studying China’s. Nothing wrong with learning both, just seems hard to me if still learning.