100k. What would you do with it?

If you get a cash windfall of NT$100 000, what would you do with it to maximize your investment?

That’s not a lot of money. Hard to do something with that. Except-Invest in yourself.
Save it-You will need it down the road for something. Life always finds ways to make you use it.
Pay off some credit card debt.
Take a trip.
Buy some furniture.
Fix your car/scooter.
Buy something that you need.
You could always invest it in my [strike]scheme[/strike], grand master plan, it’s called freedom 45.

I’d go down the 7 and buy a beer or two. Hell, if I had such a dramatic windfall, I may even buy a SIX-PACK!

Throw in a pack of Lays and have a REAL celebration.

What’s a pack of Lays without a tea egg? Live it up! Carpe diem!

Okay, all you wealthy bast–ions of the internet can take your hundred Gs to the local Seven. I’m interested in what a real answer might look like, and I be the OP is, too. He’s asking, after all, because he knows it’s not much and wants to make it grow. Seems like a fair, intelligent question to me.

Alright. You want an “intelligent” answer? If I had a paltry 100k disposable, I’d get on a plane and visit my parents for a month and spoil them rotten.

I’ve never had that much money in my life. So I’d probably cry. I will spend 30 000 on gadgets, give 10 000 to each parent and save the rest.

Fixed my intelligent typo for you, Jimmy. What’s your problem, anyway? A trip home to spoil your parents sounds like a sweet thing to do, and possibly a great idea for you just about now. I hope you get to do it.

Never mind. That’s Spanish. Just never mind,

I didn’t see a typo, housecat.

I’ve been in Taiwan for 11 years, and each year I have gone back to visit my parents and spoil them rotten. For the last two years, I have, unfortunately, due to financial constraints, not been able to. During that time, my father has had a stroke, and is suffering from skin cancer. My Mum had a heart attack. So yeah. If I had a disposable 100k, it’s a no-brainer.

Yeah. I’ve been trying to pick my Spanish back up, practicing some writing. Intelligent is not spelled correctly in Spanish. That’s just my own brain confusion.

Sorry to hear of your family problems. I believe a lot of people here can relate to the troubles of having a life split between two sides of the Earth. I know I can. In the end, my friend, only kindness matters. They know, I’ve no doubt, that you care and that they have your love.

I have a feeling that HTC is about to bounce.

For that amount I would say invest in yourself IE education.

100K could pay for a year of Chinese courses at a language institute, so education is a good bet.

As said, any standing debts should take priority. I had my dream trip to India with less than a 100K, so a nice trip is also a possibility.

In my case, 100K barely covers the plane ticket, and leaves only 10K to “live it up” with my parents. :laughing:

Guys here joke about 100K because some people manage to save more than that in a year. However, it is easy to have years without being able to save 10K, let alone 100K. If you are unsure about what to do, I’d recommend putting it in a bond at the Post Office. I do that every time I have 100K saved. That way, if I need the money, I “break” one bond and use it, no biggie. i am not affecting the “big” pile. And it is “bundled” safely, so I do not blow it away as I am known to do. Maybe you do not see an opportunity for investment now but probably down the line it will come, or you can keep on piling on, this 100K can turn into one million soon. :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

I’m sorry to hear that. It’s rotten luck when you’re so far away.

Maybe I should have been more clear. I am not looking for ways to spend or indulge. That’s easy. But is it possible, in theory, to make something out of a ‘small’ amount. Given fixed deposits only deliver 1.2% per year, gold and silver is going down and the stock market too uncertain…

The OP’s comment above notwithstanding, I like jimipresley’s response. In a broad sense, what he’s suggesting is an excellent “investment”.

You’ve got 100K, and you could invest it - with some risk - to produce maybe 110K. OK; then what? Sooner or later, you’re going to want to do something useful with it. Any enduring good result could be considered an investment. It doesn’t have to be just something that results in a numerical increase in cash holdings.

OTOH if you are asking for a method of turning 100K into more cash, my cousin makes a very good living buying and selling shit on eBay. He started off reconditioning and selling spares for rare motorcycles, and then realised that people will pay money for pretty much anything. So now he (and his wife) acquires assorted random crap, polishes it up a bit, and sells it on.

It is a pretty bad question

Thats not even 3500 USD.

I don’t think there’s much you can do with that honestly. I just got a grant for around that, I put 'er in the bank for rainy days, pay for Chinese lessons and go traveling around the island on that money.

All the investments that MIGHT have a turnaround are super risky and will most likely just be a waste of your money.

Serious answer.

  • 100k can buy you two ounces of gold.(You can get it at the Bank of Taiwan). Gold is always a safe investment. Especially now with all the Euro bailouts and the possibility of QE3, the global printing presses will be running non-stop, which means inflation.

  • Invest in a high yield blue chip stock. By high yield, I mean >10%. There are several such companies in Taiwan. I have been slowly accumulating “Nankang Rubber Tire Corp.”(ticker:2101). At the current price, it’s yielding an incredible 23%(mostly in the form of stock dividends).

It goes without saying, investing carries inherent risks, blah blah blah.

That would be like “free” money. :bravo: Would you mind showing a source for this?