104 now has an expats section

I don’t know how new it is, but I didn’t see it a few months ago when I was helping my girlfriend find work. It’s not perfect but even just having the option is nice. I even found a few UX research jobs and a lot of UX design jobs. I even found a UX writer position which I’m thinking of applying to.

Just thought I’d share here.


Honestly if someone wants a job, I really recommend going to some trade shows or tech events. Taiwan bosses usually would really want foreign workers but they don’t know where to find them and the HR are really lazy here.


I had a friend help me with the more difficult aspects of 104 and 1111.


Yeah I mean, at trade shows or the tech fairs you can meet the actual bosses. Company only go to 104 when they decided they want foreign workers and to the extent they will look online. Many bosses have this idea,but think it’s not possible in Taiwan

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So the way to find real UX researcher positions is to go to trade shows?

Yeah goto like the startup shows or AI shows. I went to the Future Commerce show this week and picked up Freelance work.

Just directly ask them if they need any UX design/writers etc. Swap cards and send CV /portfolio directly to that contact and see if can arrange quick meeting the next week.

HR in Taiwan are shit and often stop avoid hiring foreigners, even if management want, because will be hassle for themselves


This is a really great idea! Thank you for the suggestion

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For example, Computex/Innovex coming up


Why is this thread happening now instead of 2 years ago. Also :wink: the bosses may not know where to find us, but I’d have no idea what organizations here host whatever kind of shows. I do feel there is a significant disconnect between foreign talent and local need.

I get blasted by LinkedIn for dozens of roles all over the island that I could have started 2 years ago. I don’t think local HR is lazy, but I could accept they proportionately more risk averse than their western counterparts



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Computex is businesses only, only until the last day.

Just bring two business cards. You can make your own business cards
Tbh. If you are a foreigner, they will just let you in advance

Thanks for this tip!

I am about to return to Taiwan with 2 shiny new Masters degrees (Instructional Design and Systems/Industrial Engineering from UVA) and 5 years of project and supply chain management experience (probably a PMP as well late this year).

When I get back I sure as heck won’t go back to teaching English. I have considered doing remote contracts, but I would certainly like to consider positions with good companies there as well.