11/1 Stand-up Comedy Show (Just in time for the election)

My friends and I have been looking forward to this election for quite some time now. However, most of our jokes will NOT be about the election, and of course we’ll try to keep it balanced, but the truth is, Bush (and some of the other Republicans) have been good to comedians.


Recent election news to go along with the show:

tsgnet.com/pres.php?id=46832 … Qvqqfu1Hvz

Are you being funny?

My Japanese girlfriend once told me that American elections don’t last long and the ending is never a happy one.


And how have they been to you?

Take my president.


Will there be any Gordon Brown jokes?

This has been reposted on youtube:


:discodance: :bravo: :roflmao:

That sums it up well. I had a blast. Full audience that came ready to laugh. I wish I saw more performances, but I had to leave after my own set to get back to Changhua.

Totally awesome show last night!

Thanks to all who took the stage: Taichung Improv, Matt-the-puppet-guy-Bronsil, Mark Goding, Barry Hanley and Torch Pratt.

and of course…a special thanks to the crowd that came out to pack the place.

We all also appreciate the “Highlight” in last Friday’s Taipei Times which included a hot picture fo Matt & Jazzy-D…and it was also nice of the Taiwan News to mention us as well.


ps I like McCain too…He’s kind of like the great-grandfather you never had.

btw…here’s a hot bit from that night:

Here are some pics from that night as well:

Also, our next show will be 12/31/08…and I promise to post more clips of our past show(s) before then…

btw…would like to mention that Taichung Improv (as well as the unusual suspects + 1 newbie) have confirmed their participation in the 12/31 show, and/so I’d like to offer all the(ir) Taichung residents/friends a 50% discount for travelling all the way to Taipei…and because I had not choice but to sadly go back on my word and not do the May 17th (CSI) show in Taichung as stated here: taipeitimes.com/News/feat/ar … 8932/print