11/16 Taipei Language Exchange&언어교환회&言語交換※Foreigners Free

Taipei Language Exchange&언어교환회&言語交換※Foreigners Free

申請/등록신청/Apply Now:https://goo.gl/vohbxN
100元※Foreigners Free│Taipei Mandarin Center
※당일 예약취소는 안됩니다(이미 예약이 완료된 상태라 관리인들의 고충을 이해해주시길)。
100NTD※Foreigners Free│Taipei Mandarin Center
교통:MRT台電大樓站2번출구、우회전 후 도보 5분(약 400m)
※Please do come if you had signed up the event。
Fees:$100※Foreigners Free│Venue:Taipei Mandarin Center
Taipower Building Exit 2、5 min walking distance (400m)

Does it cost money for foriegners or is it 100ntd, im confused?

I’ve joined.
Had enough YouTube Manderin lessons as good as they are. Plus trying to get Google out of my life.

Be 11/16sat