11 killed in attack by suspected Maoists in eastern India

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NEW DELHI (AFP) - At least 11 security personnel were killed and 17 injured in a series of attacks by suspected Maoists in the eastern Indian state of Chattisgarh, police said.

“Nine jawans (soldiers) were killed and an equal number were injured when the Maoists triggered a blast on their vehicle,” district police told the Press Trust of India (PTI) news agency on Monday.

Police said the soldiers were also fired on after the blast and a clash was still in progress, but added that the injured soldiers were evacuated by helicopter.

The soldiers, from the northeastern state of Nagaland, were helping to conduct an operation against the leftwing rebels in Chattisgarh.

In a separate incident, suspected Maoists hurled explosives and fired on a police post in the north of the state, killing two policemen and wounding eight.

news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20060207/wl … stmaoists;


It’s a joke, right? Maoists?

Look King Wu, they probably could do with a hand, why not pop over and do your bit. :unamused:

The Naxalite movement born out of the Sino-Soviet split has been bleeding away in India ever since. Those involved and the people they murder deserve nothing more than your pity, not your support.


and combining the rebel news in one thread instead of two would not hurt either :wink:

Dear King Wu:

I cordially invite you to a dinner party to break bread with brothers and sisters in the revolution. We are not ready to take any action yet, but our dinner party will include discussions on how best to engage in revolution against capitalist imperialism. While we are completely willing to engage in direct and violent action for the purposes of revolution, we feel that this dinner party and future dinner parties will serve to further the cause of the communist revolution.

Date and time to be determined. Please RSVP. BYOB.

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…ohh…you’re a communist…isn’t that cuuuute!

[quote=“TainanCowboy”][color=red]KILL A COMMIE FOR MOMMY![/color]

…ohh…you’re a communist…isn’t that cuuuute![/quote]

I was thinking the whole time if it is this Comrade Stalin type avatar thing or if it is for real :smiley:

Meanwhile, China is supplying military aid to help the King fight the Maoists…somewhere in Hell the Chairman is laughing…the way he does when the Commies beat the crap out of the workers so ROC capitalists can make sure Americans get cheap blue jeans.

King Wu - what is the point of your post? Do you approve of the Indian Maoists’ actions and, if so, why?


…ohh…you’re a communist…isn’t that cuuuute![/quote]

lol stop saying that… are you a pathetic Taiwanese redneck or what?

Good question. I was wondering the same thing.

Incidentally, the subject of the first post – Maoist violence in India – is obviously related to news from their neighboring country.

[quote]Nepalis vote in their first elections in seven years on Wednesday in municipal polls dubbed a sham and boycotted by the main political parties and Maoist rebels.

Guerrillas struck at least three cities overnight, bombing government buildings but there were no injuries, witnesses said. . .

Critics say the elections are aimed at giving a veneer or legitimacy to the rule of King Gyanendra, who seized total power and sacked the government a year ago.

Nepalis last voted in 1999 for their national government. National elections slated for late 2002 were delayed because of the Maoist revolt, triggering a political crisis and a string of administrations appointed by the king.

The rebels have called a national strike that has closed most shops and offices and halted public transport.

On the eve of the vote, Maoist leader Prachanda issued a final call for Nepalis to boycott the election. . .

Violence has been rising ahead of the vote and the guerrillas, who control most of the countryside, have stepped up their attacks in the capital. . .

More than 13,000 people have died since the Maoists launched their revolution in February, 1996. The revolt has shattered the aid and tourism dependent economy in one of the world’s poorest countries.[/quote]
today.reuters.co.uk/news/newsArt … -NEPAL.xml

While Nepal’s government is lousy (and the King may have seized power by having his family murdered), it’s my understanding that there is very little support for the Maoists. They’re just a bunch of violent thugs.

What’s your point King Wu?

Not necessarily, I’m pretty sure the Naxalites have been around longer than the Maosist in Nepal.

Ah yes, from Asia Times Online: