119 foreign professionals naturalized as Taiwan citizens in three years

I wonder if these people applied or were contacted by Taiwan government? Why would someone want dual citizenship in Taiwan if they already have permanent residence through APRC, etc?

Wow, unbelievable! 65 whole foreigners naturalized over two years! :banana::astonished:


That’s the number of naturalized foreigners who didn’t have to give up their original citizenship. You know, the super duper special 5-star foreigners.

I’d imagine the total number of new citizens is higher.


And in contrast…https://www.migrationpolicy.org/programs/data-hub/charts/number-immigrants-who-became-us-citizens


Give me time, I’ll change that too. Baby steps.


Until we get the same 20 thousands souls with ROC Taiwan nationality as there are Taiwanese with national ID from the old country, I’ll keep on complaining. You cannot tell me there aren’t 20 thousand hard working tax paying furriner who are not missionaries nor Nobel Prize winners who deserve a chance to become citizens without giving up original nationality just like the ROC folk.


Yeah it’s the biggest bullshit system and they think they are being generous lol. I might apply but already been thru their naturalisation once was painful enough. I’m not sure if I’m *special enough not being a university professor or priest in the mountains .


It’s like they are proud to announce it. They’d better kept it quite.


Father Brian Jones sounds legit. :sunglasses:


“Why would someone want dual citizenship in Taiwan if they already have permanent residence through APRC, etc?”

Is that a serious question?

Probably not, but just in case: so they can live a normal long term life here without fear, can buy land, can vote, cannot be deported, can leave for long stretches and return without starting from zero to name a few. I would LOVE to become a citizen in a heart beat. But I haven’t helped Taiwan gain face, though done a lot.locally, there is no hope to get it. 60ish people in 2 years is certainly a shame, not a thing to be announced as bragging rights. The fact they don’t understand this painfully obvious concept is why hard working, deserving foreigners are so jaded and dimmed down about things…:frowning:


It’s a step in the right direction
I can see perhaps citizenship being available without renunciation in near future

This little hole in the dam could break the dam


I was always under the impression that dual citizenship was impossible. Guess I’m wrong.

That’s exactly the reaction the govt is expecting.

Instead we have people here working, building families for 15 years and up , but no professor or Nobel price receiver, and yet we are just foreigners subjected to be being deported any time or having to start from zero if we suddenly miss the 183 day rule or whatever.

As if our time devoted here working, paying taxes, even having Taiwanese kids were nothing, because at any moment you could be out. How about the whole time here? How about the family you built? This is so ridiculous it is disgusting.


Dual citizenship has been possible for some nationals for a long time e.g. Japanese who cannot renounce their citizenship.

A few renounce their original citizenship and then claim it back after receiving ROC citizenship.

Why the govt just doesnt open it up for immigrants in the same way that their relatives are treated in US and Canada (and almost all the legislators have relatives in the US and Canada I bet)…I can only conclude it is due to RACISM.


It’s the whole ‘Taiwan for Taiwanese’ mentality.
They can become one of your people but you can’t become one of their people.

Fortunately not everyone has this provincial mentality. They are probably waiting for the old fogies to croak to minimise political push back. I noticed that the young people here couldn’t care less.


Almost all legislators have sons and daughters who are US or Canadian or UK citizens. Fixed that for you.

I have more neighbors who are dual citizens than car owners.


Racism stamped all over the place.


That is the cause ,yes. I could write pages on it but basically it is racism Perhaps being a friendly country means much more than a smiling face at the airport saying “Welcome to Taiwan”.
They are of course “The most friendly country in the world with the most delicious food too” yawn yawn.

You guys talk like becoming a u.s. citizen is easiest thing in the world

Far easier than most countries. Most nation states like Italy have far stricter naturalisation requirements(10 years of residence). Fortunately the laws are clear.