12/31 revolver 跨年派對 / new year's eve

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跨年何處去?過來Revolver聚聚吧,樂團有放客兄弟、Roxymoron、森林以及Skycruiser,DJ則由無用兄弟會的DJ @llenblow與DJ Shorty兩兄弟檔為大家服務,歡迎一起來溫馨的倒數

放客兄弟 Funky Brothers

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森林 Forests

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羅西是魔人 Roxymoron

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DJ @llenblow

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DJ Shorty

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NT.500 (含二杯酒 / + 2 Drinks)

FunkyBrothers 放客兄弟
從2007年開始成軍,主要將 70~80年代具有FUNKY精神的各種音樂類型融入其創作風格當中,從Funk/Disco/Blues到Nu-Jazz/Acid-jazz/R&B/Regga/Swing…放客兄弟的音樂創作永遠充滿groove(律動) 從感性到激昂,Funky Brothers用熱情令人想舞動的音符和節奏,表達對人群,對世界,對自我,對情感,對你對我的思維。我們也從一開始的四人編制團體,漸漸演變成為一組帶有管樂編制的10人大樂團。
Some say you can control your body, but can’t control your heart.
The Funky Brothers not only will have you move uncontrollably, but will give you unforgettable memories!
Formed about three years ago, the Funky Brothers get their inspiration from the 70~80’s, the golden age of Funk, Soul and Disco. Add some Blues, R&B, Acid Jazz or Reggae and that will give you a taste of what the Brothers mix to have the audience dance into their borderless world. The power – we might as well say the magic- of the Funky Brothers is based on a friendly groove and dedicated to anyone, to everybody, to the world, to you, to us all.

Forests are a relatively new band in the Taipei scene though you might know their three members from Sunset Rollercoaster, Sleaze, Boyz & Girl et al. Their sets are pretty short but what we got is good stuff. Their set somebody pointed out that their sound is reminiscent of Sebadoh though they definitely have more going on than that. If you like your rock loud, distorted and peppered with moments of beautiful mayhem then you’ll want to keep an eye out for Forests’ next gig.

羅西是魔人 Roxymoron
包括在大家熟知的獨立音樂表演場所:台北的THE WALL、
地下社會、Revolver與台南TCRC…也曾經在Beastie Rock and Spring Scream 等大、
Roxymoron was formed in Taipei in early 2010 and has been working hard ever since to make an impact on the local indie music scene. A dynamic three-piece rock band with a powerful live show, they have played at dozens of venues throughout the country, including multiple stints at the Underworld and The Wall. They have also played numerous festivals throughout the island, such as Beastie Rock 2011 and Spring Scream 2011.
Their debut EP was released in May 2012.

WEEN是美國的知名地下樂團,在樂壇上發表了多達23張專輯,經典歌曲無數,風格多變,歌迷遍及全世界; 而Skycruiser,一群認WEEN為偶像的音樂人,因為對WEEN的喜愛與崇拜一起組成全亞洲首支專門表演其經典歌曲的樂團;鼓手Greg Russell、貝斯手Ben Smith、節奏吉他Stew Haston、主唱Toby Garrod、鍵盤手Crystal Shien、主音吉他Alexander John Ives。Skycruiser對WEEN的熱情已讓他們練成了多達33首經典歌曲,但是這樣還不夠!2012年的新年新目標: 年底前一定要累積到60首!那麼努力和積極就是希望帶給WEEN的廣大超級歌迷們對樂團崇拜的享受以及熱情!
Skycruiser 組成至今,參與了各個大大小小的音樂節及派對演出,包括Daniel Pearl Day、Saturnalia、VooDoo、Street Circus街頭馬戲團…等等,並於2011-2012跨年受邀與英國倫敦Late Night Audio 知名DJ演出,以及擔任The Looking Glass專輯發表會的開場樂團。
Fluffies, baby bitches and ocean men; this band lives for you to come get down and brown to! In homage to Ween and their epic 23-album back-catalogue of sweet and sleazy classics, Skycruiser comprises Greg Russell on drums, Andrew Kushner on bass, Stew Haston on rhythm guitar, Toby Garrod on vocals, Crystal Shien on keyboards, and Alexander John Ives on lead guitar. The band currently has a handle on 33 Ween classics, and hopes to hit 60 by the end of 2012, ensuring our esteemed audiences a constant flow of new tunes to get down and brown to.
Prime gigs and festivals include Daniel Pearl Day, Saturnalia, Voodoo, Street Circus,New Year 2012 with London\’s Late Night Audio and the CD release party for The Looking Glass.

DJ @llenblow
前無政府bass手愛吹倫轉換跑道投身DJ,目前為Taimaica Soundsystem的bass手,在Taimaica Soundsystem開始現場表演之前,是個以DJ為主的音樂推廣單位,dJ allenblow、dJ Shorty及製作人650為核心人物,主要放送牙買加之聲,舉凡Rocksteady、Ska、Reggae、Dub、Dancehall Reggaeton等,近年來專心於UK dub,從2009年開始把目標放在英國當紅的dubstep上。
DJ @llenblow, the bassist from Taimaica Soundsystem(the first live dub band in Taiwan) is also a DJ who promotes Jamaican music in Taiwan. Every kind of Jamaican music such as reggae, ska, rocksteady, dancehall/reggaeton especially dub has his full set to present. DJ @llenblow has been playing uncountable shows and parties from Taipei, Hsinchu,Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung to Taitung. He also organizes parties with his crew Useless Brotherhood, like anniversary Big 420 party in locations for instance Roxy Roots, 89K, VU, Nanhai Gallery, Taiper Cafe, PS Underground, PS Cafe. Recently Useless Brotherhood started focusing on establishing REGGAE scene in Taiwan, like the hilarious and successful “STAIRWAY TO ZION” reggae party at Roxy Roots on 21/8/2010. From 2009 on, DJ @llenblow began playing dubstep and UK/France dub.

DJ Shorty
來自無用兄弟會的dj_SHORTY是目前台灣難得的黑膠DJ 派對從未缺席過的角色,從一開始的dub/reggae轉變到drum nbass,後來開始加入scratchin與beat jugglin等技巧,也很喜歡diggin的他,慢慢把他的收藏加入set中,將reggae, drum nbass, hip hop, rock到實驗電子等各式曲風做一個完美的結合,充滿了創意與驚喜,堪稱台灣的Solid Steel dj_SHORTY is a rare vinyl DJ in Taiwan, and he also plays at 420 party every year from 2007. His music from dub/reggae to drum nbass, from CD to vinyl. Recent years, He started addin some hip hop tunes and also DJ skills such as scratchin and beat jugglin that makes his set more plentiful. As he is also a vinyl collector, he tried to increase more music styles into his set, so you can hear different kinds of music blended, even some mandarin songs. He also has the talent to mash-up, give old songs new looks. Thats why we said his set is like Taiwan`s Solid Steel.

FB: facebook.com/events/502002163164309/