12 month China visa

Does anyone know if you can arrange a 12 month multiple entry visa for China? I remember seeing an ad in a newspaper about them a few months back but now that its time to actually get one, these ad’s seem to have vanished. I’ve asked around a couple of travel agents and they all seem to only offer the 3 month single entry.

If you could happen to help me, I would be extremely grateful. If not from Taiwan then any advice on getting these visas (presumably in Hong Kong) would also be appreciated.

You can pick up a six month multi entry visa for around 200RMB ($30us?) from the visa office in HongKong (causeway bay) I beleive it is in the trian station. Many people I knew working in the mainland used to run to HK to pick these up so they could work as free agents and not have to worry about the hassles of working for a big company.

I have a friend in HK who can get me all the details if you are interested in this one. It’s a business visa, but I’ve known many people who have got them with no problems at all.

There are several from discoverhongkong.com .

Which one is this one?

I spent only 3 days in Hong Kong, so pls excuse this :

so, there is a train station in causewaybay, and the visa office is there?

On which level?

Thank you, :)!