13,000 "Terrorists" Coming to Taiwan from China in March

According to news reports today, 13,000 Amway employees will come to Taiwan on vacation in March. That is really scary.

I’ve been attacked too many times already by these terrorists and have not yet developed a full set of tactics to thwart their advances.

Maybe China should outlaw Amway and legalize Falun Gong.

Have you tried toilet-waterboarding?

You just point, laugh and say: “Are you KIDDING me? You really want me to buy some of that shit you’re touting?”
They go for the easy sell. Always. Just don’t be the easy sell and there’s no problem. They don’t want to waste their precious selling time, after all.

Perhaps we could convince them that Herbalife is their true enemy and with deftly applied propaganda we could start a pyramid scheme civil war. Mainlanders believe what they read so as long as there is some nasty simplified character literature waiting in their hotel rooms, it’s as good as on.

they could be the Sunnis and Shiites of direct marketing.

Sure it is risky for us to have Taiwan be the flashpoint and the main battle ground, but the blood on the streets will blend nicely with the betel nut stains, the hospitals will get a nice income boost from all the non-JianBao casualties, and above all this Darwinian event will make the world a better place to live.

AGEL (the Kurds) you’re okay…for now.

Amway is an evil cult!
Run away!