13-inch 2017 MacBook Pro for sale

Selling my trusty MacBook Pro, 2017 version with no Touch Bar.

Selling for: NT$15,000

Includes charger, no original box I’m afraid. Tossed it away years ago.
Full specs can be found here: MacBook Pro(13 英寸,2017,兩個 Thunderbolt 3 連接埠 ) - 技術規格 (台灣)

Sad? Ram? Thanks

128G SSD, 8G Ram

He must be a bit, it’s been with him since 2017




LOL! Auto-correct! Sorry. I need 16GB RAM model.

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Curious about why you are selling it?

Cuz I used to travel a lot for work pre-COVID but lost that job and I’m now on a dead-end 9-6 office job, and so I only need my desktop when I’m home.

still available?

Yes still available

Anybody who wants it today after 7pm it can be yours for 13 grand

I’ll give you 5k today

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Look elsewhere

Fair enough, 7k?

If I go less than 11k I will be a buster in town.

Sorry folks. I sold it on Facebook for 15K. I’m a happy chap. Luckily I didn’t fall for that low-ball figure