13 year-old kid in UK becomes a dad

kiddie dad

Okay, no biggie. As there are folks in their 30s having kids who can’t take care of them.

I don’t see why this is anyone else’s business. My great-grandfather had 3 kids by the time he was 13. One grew up to be a butcher, one a baker and one a candlestick maker; not one was on drugs or welfare or forumosa. It’s a matter of personal choice and anyone who claims there’s something wrong with fathering a child at 13 is clearly an officious, man-hating intermeddler, sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong. Who’s to say it wasn’t a carefully thought out rational choice or to claim he’s not qualified to raise the kid on his own. If he wants to father a whole litter of kids before puberty that’s his business. Besides, this 13 year-old’s child isn’t really HIS child. It’s all of our child, as the human species is just one big happy family, so if you criticize him you’re just as surely criticizing yourself. If he was married or a christian people wouldn’t criticize his decision to have a child, so they should butt the heck out of his personal business. :raspberry:

Considering he already got someone pregnant he must have already started puberty.

Considering he already got someone pregnant he must have already started puberty.[/quote]

Not so fast bucko. If a woman can go to the doc and have 8 embryos implanted so as to give birth, at taxpayer expense, without having sex, surely a prepubescent boy can be made to father a child, somehow, at taxpayer expense, in which case we should all rejoice in the miracle of birth and be thankful for god’s bountiful blessings. :slight_smile:

Ha ha! I cracked up at this…Good one! :roflmao:

It is now asserted that the girl in question had been exercising her right to sexual experimentation with more than one partner, casting doubt on the paternity of the newborn.

When I saw this the firts time, my first thought was “at least somewhere something like this still makes the news”.

How’s immigration into the UK these days?

Voted most likely to become his own grandpa.