15 y.o. boys pimping 12 y.o. girls from Taiwan?!

Ummmmmmm Prostitution not immoral??? Only if it is forced (co-erced, the whole gamut) but when you get your food at home and a warm bed and want to sleep around for a designer bag, it does start to get immoral just about then.

:astonished: Freedom to act??? 12 year olds don’t have freedom to act. Sure they can pick their own dresses, but they don’t or shouldn’t have the freedom to have sex, much less for a Gucci bag. Freedom to act?? Sheesh!

Dunno about originating in Japan. Maybe. I Do have vivid memories, however, of being solicited by high school girls in the big park just near the train station in Kuala Lumpur for exactly the same king of thing. And that was 20 years ago. Slow news day, nothing more.

For anyone to justify, or should I say TRY to justify, this type of crime against these young girls is despicable.

A person must be a sick, deviant. perverted animal to think that this is in anyway not a crime in a civilized society.
One who attempts this justification should be kept far far away from children.

TC: In case there’s any misunderstanding, I wasn’t talking about this specific instance of prostitution, but prostitution generally where it’s between consenting adults (of legal age, obviously).

GIT - it was not your posts I was addressing…not to worry.

Perusing the flob today has made me feel quite young - not the ‘sex with a minor’ stuff but more generally the traditional moralism surrounding sex.

My grandparents’ generation had a far stronger connection between sex and morality than my parents’. And my own parents who are, in practice, relatively conservative, prescribed nothing except consent and contraception. Certainly, they would never be so confident in their own decisions as to believe themselves a good example.

I think my generation views their psychological cringe with some bemusement.

Precocious sexuality? Sounds more fun than precocious numeracy.

Last year I got on the MRT at the main station to go south and the train filled up tight with commuters, just like sardines. There was some old dude behind me, pushing into my backpack, and there were two high school friends in front - a tall, handsome guy just to my left, and directly in front a short, pretty girl in a white shirt and short school skirt, with black socks pulled up to her knees. She was pressed into me - at least her satchel was - and she had her hands between herself and her satchel, which had her school blazer draped over it. To make our proximity more comfortable I chose to stare over her head. She started talking to her friend and flirting with him - winking, fluttering her eyelashes and licking and biting her bottom lip, all the while staring at him. He flushed red and smiled, although he looked slightly uncomfortable, like he didn’t know how to handle her. Anyway, she continued talking and flirting and, even though we were pressed together, she started twisting her body from side to side. Going commando, with only soft cotton shorts on, I found this a little alarming. All the way from CKS to Guting - back and forth, back and forth. It did not help that with each breath I could smell her hair. The adrenalin rush came when they both prepared to get off at Guting and I saw that her hands were not actually behind her satchel. They were in front of it. And I realized that the whole time she had been rubbing my cock with the back of her hands. She led the way off the train and her friend followed and I was forced to shed my backpack and hold it in front of me to cover my ‘excitement’.

Naughty little bitch. :thumbsup:

Sounds like your MRT journeys are a lot more interesting than mine.

Although I’m quite surprised you can’t tell the difference between a hand and a satchel :astonished:

On the “of legal age” theme, there have been many times and cultures where one is/was expected, by one’s early teens, to know what’s what and take responsibility for one’s own actions. Not necessarily regarding sex, but in general. Now, that might have been because one was expected to drop dead round about age 40, so there was a lot of living to fit into a short time. Even so, a 12-year-old kid should still be expected to know that giving a $25 blowjob (or whatever) is a pretty bad idea for all sorts of reasons, very few of them to do with morals. People are always ranting about how kids “grow up too fast” these days, but that doesn’t seem to be true at all; perhaps the designer-handbag types are drawn to ‘compensated dating’ precisely because they’ve had a mollycoddled life and have never had to think about the consequences of anything.

To be honest I was a little scared and I do not want to have it happen again. It was most certainly a case of: girl 1 antarcticbeech 0. My point was that some girls, obviously, are quite active in seeking sexual encounters from a young age and are not completely passive entities. You’d have to be crazy to hunt young girls in Taiwan, like, eventually someone will want to kill you. :laughing:

@finley: everything was under her blazer, so I felt mostly blazer. But there is just no way she could have not known what she was doing, that’s what freaked me out. The :thumbsup: is for her sheer audacity. I just hope she is careful regarding diseases and pregnancy because I doubt she has had a good sexual education course.

Well, weren’t we all, when we were teenagers? Drifting a bit off-topic (prostitution being a whole different, um, ball game) I find the sanctimonious attitude of adults towards teenagers’ sexuality breathtakingly hypocritical; statistically, most people lose their virginity in their mid-teens, regardless of culture or laws - and that’s remained fairly constant since psychologists started checking such things. The majority of teenagers (male and female) are a raging ball of hormones, and the problems arise because they don’t know how to deal with that - they’re simply told, “wait until you’re older”, which isn’t very constructive.

That’s the point, isn’t it … again, I don’t know why people think teenagers are a different species to the rest of us. Exactly the same considerations and hazards apply to them and to us (supposedly) more mature adults …

More than 2,000NT. That’s for sure.[/quote]
Oh!! More than anything tangible. Dunno if you have a girl doc, but when I see mine,the innocence of her laughter and her non-stop chatter, I wish that was all there was in this world for girls. Eating ice-creams, swings, painting flowers, wearing summer dresses, and laughing with abandon. I know, I know prostitution is as old as history and yet, 12 year olds doing it for a bag or a tee is another level of innocence being stripped away.[/quote]

But its a bag… maybe even an LV bag!!! you know how important that is for everyone on this island. Maybe even more important that having an iPhone in your hand (which also has to be bought)! Damn those bags are ugly…

But sandman, were these high school girls who solicited you just teenage prostitutes, acting in the same way as older prostitutes? And with the pay being what we would consider very little money. Or were they high school or junior high school girls, still in their school uniforms, pretending that they would just be going on a ‘date’ with you, but with everything understood? And expecting enough money to be able to realistically go out and buy a designer handbag after a few such encounters?
To me there is a big difference between the typical teenage prostitute, who is forced into it, either by a pimp or by poverty, and the type of ‘compensated dating’ seen in Japan, where the girls engaged in it are still in school, are not poor, and are doing it to get luxury material goods.

Why do people equate “compensated dating” with prostitution?
Is it because, like with many other kinds of work, there is an opportunity/a potential for sexual intercourse?
In any case, sexual intercourse is not the norm in compensated dating…

To get back to the topic of this thread: what is wrong with pimping is that it involves control and coercion.

(The following is OT for this thread, but
a) i know of many kinds of non-sexual prostitution and non-sexual pimping and
b) i don’t see anything intrinsically wrong with the concept of sex in exchange for something else, be it money or whatever.)

But that’s just like people from the USA or Canada claiming that escort services are actually only providing escort services, and it doesn’t have anything to do with prostitution, and any prostitution is just a chance outcome. Or the bars in the Philippines where yes, if you want to take one of the bar hostesses out on a date, you have to pay the owner of the bar, but it is just a date, and they are not prostitutes, and if any prostitution occurs it is just a private arrangement between two consenting adults.

Right. And so what? All sorts of people use all sorts of euphemisms for sex related activities: “massage” comes to mind. Would you claim that “massage” invariably means “prostitution” or at least “sex related activity”? I don’t think so. :wink:
So why would anybody want to claim that “compensated dating” invariably means “prostitution” when there are plenty of people who tell you that their experience is otherwise? :slight_smile:

That’s looks to me like pimping…

Right. And so what? All sorts of people use all sorts of euphemisms for sex related activities: “massage” comes to mind. Would you claim that “massage” invariably means “prostitution” or at least “sex related activity”? I don’t think so. :wink:
So why would anybody want to claim that “compensated dating” invariably means “prostitution” when there are plenty of people who tell you that their experience is otherwise? :slight_smile:

That’s looks to me like pimping…[/quote]
Yeah, it is, but do they admit that? Not usually.
You can tell the difference between a massage parlor for sex and one not for sex, I hope.
I’ve heard some prostitutes say that some of their clients just want to talk. They’re still prostitutes, and that is still the point of the enterprise.

Isn’t that what most foreign “English teachers” are in Taiwna, Japan, Korea, China? :wink:

Well, the ‘English teachers’ from Eastern Europe sometimes are.

Interesting. :ponder: I am not sure what to make of this, though - i am obviously missing something. :eh:

Apparently there’s a big trend in Russians coming over here and sleeping with older Taiwanese men for money. LOTS of money.

The government even issued a grant to filmmakers to make a documentary about it, but the production team couldn’t find an actual girl who was doing it and willing to interview. So they tricked my Slovak friend into going on set, and asked her to pretend to be a Russian prostitute and give a fake interview O.O; Apparently they’re not going to show her face or body (she has tattoos, so she doesn’t want her body shown).

I personally can’t wait to see it. Should be hilarious.

May we say, “according to hearsay”…? :wink:

:ohreally: :wink:

I can very much imagine that… :smiley:

Back to my original suggestion: :slight_smile:
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