15 years ago, this site was a whole lot better.

Yea I think that the way glourious revolution of 1688 went down was a bit disappointing, although in fairness the American and French revolutions are generally considered to be successful so really them liberals should probably be able to progress to stage 3 now: stage 3 being bargaining with the royalists.

The American moreso than the French. (Burke agrees with me.)

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This is bullshit. I’m one of the smarterest people I know.

Ryan what? :flushed:

Watch him? I don’t even have time to watch stuff I want to watch.

We need a definition of smart to talk on this more.

Why do you keep coming back then?

Gus will back me up on this but be aware that in terms of post volume, visitors, posters, lurkers, probably all activity metrics, the site has never been more dynamic. Google most any question about Taiwan (within reason) and Forumosa will turn up in the first page of search results. The “other site” is moribund (3 new posts a week?) and no disrespect to Anthony on that, it is what it is. Forumosa remains the port of first call for thousands of Taiwanese westerners and easterners seeking information on life on the island. I’m aware that for newbies the “Xenophobic 8” (or whatever we’ve been termed) can be a bit off-putting but it’s the same in any long-running fora. Long-time posters develop a rapport and an internal dialogue with each other that can form a barrier of sorts to newbies but there’s no real away around that. For a number of us who’ve been on the rock for many years and who work monotonous desk jobs/teaching gigs Forumosa provides a vital resource of another sort i.e. a place to on occasions vent our frustrations with our less than perfect lives. Obviously it’s my subjective opinion but I feel things are much more harmonious here than they have been in the past and its a credit to TG and the other mods if this is the case.

Just me five shekels worth. YMMV :fried_egg:


To be honest, not being able to completely delete your data (I.e account) is strangely weird in this time and age. Not that I am planning to.

Is that possible now? I’ve just deactivated my facebook account and would love to delete my data. I didn’t know any site allowed us dumb fucks to do it.

It sure waas…LOL…LOl…LOL

Someone deleting all of their activity could seriously mess up the archive. Tons of threads would suddenly make no sense at all; we’d lose the posts, presumably the quotes of them, and so on.

not everyone is in your shoes. i have no wife and no obligation to be here. my work is in no way connected to taiwan. i live here because i like it. pointing out the things you see as wrong doesn’t make you some bitter guy who hates taiwanese people. i would rather have a balanced view than be like certain people with the blinders on that will probably have a meeting with reality one day when taiwan doesn’t live up to their unrealistic expectations.


Yup you can, have a Google :).

Discourse should at least allows you to delete your account without losing old posts.

This isn’t really an issue with other forum software.

When you are young you know you are right and you feel everyone must know and accept that you are right…

When you get older you learn that you don’t need others to know that you are right…

When you get even older you realize that maybe you could be wrong…

I’m so old i can’t even remember what the question was…

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I got here in late August of 2002. I don’t think I even knew about Oriented back then, but if I did visit it, my visit may have been at a time when it was shutting down and setting up Segue.



I think I first visited the board when it was Segue, but it was already shut down, I guess in anticipation of setting up Forumosa. Otherwise, I probably would have joined at that time.




I guess the board will be twenty years old next year, if it’s considered the same board regardless of the name.

I first joined in January of 2004, using the name xp+10K, and posted from February of 2004 to October 2005.

Then I rejoined in March of 2007, using this name.

What do I want, a cookie?

No, I want bag of chocolate-covered doughnuts topped with pecan bits, and/or a bag of blueberry buttermilk doughnuts.

But I will accept a cookie. :slight_smile:



nice song

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They can’t move on. They really knew their stuff.
Where did they move on to?
Hartzell ran the legal forum. Almost all his posts had a significant impact on my life. Each new visa, driver’s license info, law change resulted in real actions and improvement. If it wasn’t for him only special foreigners would be able to work freely.


Are you stupid or what? didn’t you read that he likes the airport?

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