15 years ago, this site was a whole lot better.

How’s that?

In a kind of everything has gone to shit get off my lawn harken back to the old days kind of way.

I like it to be honest.

In all fairness to SuiGeneris you need to provide examples if you are going to make such an accusation.

Basically you’re all a bunch of assholes.

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Is that some sort of statement on your assholery?

Isn’t it?

Is that all you got?


My thoughts exactly.

This is such a typical statement by people like you.

Exactly. People so full of truth like me.

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I think probably the site was probably similar (I used to post under another name about 12 years ago). At the same time, looking at the threats right this minute about a half dozen are men or white people feeling aggrieved–about Jordan Peterson, Gillette, CNN, white collar workers, Trump / Deep State, etc. It gets pretty old after a while…

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don’t forget about those rascally terroristic threats, because, you know, they act and feel and look like terrorism (and maybe smell like it too if they’ve got bad BO), but are not terrorism per se under US civil code.


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Is hating a neo-dipsh8t euphemism for thinking and discussing stuff?


I was thinking people who wear those shoes you wear. Is ‘truth’ another way to say ‘it’?

Seriously? I blame smartphones. They make it harder to post anything substantial.

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Why blame technology? I don’t blame water for beer causing hangovers.

The path to the mountain’s summit is paved with participation ribbons and thumbs up likes.

If by mountain’s summit you mean the Lounge, you’re correct. It uses an algorithm, but we can override it.

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