15 years ago, this site was a whole lot better.


I think it’s a site-related issue.


A little more fully:


Same could be said for the ensuing right-wing hysteria after Obama was elected.


I don’t think Trump was elected on the basis of anti-Obama hysteria. I think rather it was a none-of-the-above protest vote by many who felt left out and taken for granted by business-as-usual Democrat and Republican insiders.


Nor do I. People were ready for a change, and Hillary was the farthest thing from it.


Fair enough. Mute button it is.


I don’t think Trump was elected because of anti-Obama feelings.

I just wanted to remind you that the previous American President also faced a shit-ton of anger from the opposing side.


When did you guys start discussing on recent US politics?


Hey! Why you are so sure you arent me?


You’re right, we should be discussing 15-year-old politics. :grinning:


No worries…15 years from now Taiwan won’t be here either…



Funny you mention this. One of my stand-out moments from last month’s Kyoto trip was being refused entry : “sorry, this is Japan only bar.” I struggled to imagine any place in the Uk doing this on the door. Perhaps some racist nightclub somewhere … just perhaps.


That sounds about right, in that there is a vast minority of foreigners (usually white) that are essentially looking for a fight and waiting to pull the race card at any time. They are the ones you’ll see complaining about ‘micro-aggressions’ and getting offended when someone hands them a fork instead of chopsticks… you know, 'cause they’re white. See Ryan Boundless on Youtube for a solid example of this.

As for the housing situation, you are right there. I personally didn’t experience this either staying in the city, but it can happen anywhere. I don’t consider it racial discrimination (though effectively, it is) though… it’s more ignorance and fear, because foreigners do tend to do things like accidentally flood their apartment unit because they forgot to turn off the water supply to the washing machine after doing laundry, or other careless blunders that aren’t an issue in their home countries, but ruin Japanese apartments. I imagine many landlords in Japan have been burned before by the “clueless gaijin” or heard such stories from their peers, and decide to just shut us out based on that. Is it right? Heck no. but is it racial hatred? I honestly don’t think so. Ken at http://japaneseruleof7.com has some great articles on this kind of stuff.


Wow, what are the odds? Maybe you should try the lottery sometime!


It’s difficult to know where to start with this. So, I won’t.


For someone so “woke” to racial issues in the U.S., you seem to be bending over backwards to defend racism in Japan. I’m sensing a bit of a double standard here.


Many people criticize their own culture because it’s so bad and blahblahblah and seek for wisdom in other more exotic cultures that I’m not sure if they fully understand, but they forgive those other cultures’ negative aspects.


Duly noted. I will limit my labeling of you to Covfefist. No-one knows the true meaning of that one anyway – it’s like the 道…

(nor does @IbisWtf for that matter, although he likes to joke about it).

That’s fine, though I wonder why he’s so reluctant to say it himself. :ponder: I also wonder why he keeps using triple and even quadruple quotation marks. :ponder: :ponder: :ponder: :ponder:

I called the three of you (including @rowland) extremists because I consider you extreme in your support for the Donald. Some people around here also strike me as extreme in their eagerness to spew hatred against certain groups.

Ibby once mentioned that two of his friends died in terrorist attacks, so I understand why he holds a grudge. But it’s a constant thing for him. If I’ve lost friends to red light runners, or drugs, or trans fat, or whatever, should I constantly go out of my way to remind everyone that those things are dangerous?

And Rollo strikes me as extreme in his thirst for death and destruction, which is probably part of his plan to get promoted by whichever deity or “demon sultan” it is that he worships. (I’m not clear on whether he’s a Cthuluite, an Azathothite, or something else. But Rollo being the way he is, he probably tries to score brownie points with all of them, like that Mongolian emperor guy.) I shouldn’t discriminate against him on the basis of religion, of course, so I will try to respect his desire to bring about the end of civilization. :bowing:


Man, this forum sure is fun and welcoming!