16 yrs old working part time

Can a 16 yrs old work in a pub here in Taiwan?

No. You should be 18 or older.

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No, that wouldn’t go over well. You could probably work at a Family Mart or 7/11 though!

or mcdonald

7-11 or any place you handle alcohol or tobacco is also illegal. I know- my son broke this law for several months.

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Do you guys know any source that says they can’t work in a place that sells alcohol and cigarettes? Thank you

really? I tried looking it up in the labor standards act. This is the only thing that I found

Article 44

A worker over fifteen years old, but less than sixteen years old, shall be considered as a child worker.
No child worker and no worker less than eighteen years old shall be permitted to do work that is potentially dangerous or hazardous in nature.

Article 45

No employer shall employ any person under the age of fifteen. This does not apply if the person has graduated from junior high school or the nature and environment of the work have been determined and authorized by the competent authority that no harm will result to the worker’s mental and physical health. Provisions in child labor regulations shall apply, mutatis mutandis, to the employee of the preceding paragraph.
The Central Competent Authority shall stipulate the determination criteria, review procedures, and other measures governing the complying matters for determining the nature and environment of the work that will not do any harm to the worker’s mental and physical health stated in the first paragraph based on factors such as the worker’s age, nature of work, and the length of compulsory education received. For persons under the age of fifteen providing labor service to a third party through others, or directly providing labor service to receive remuneration with no employment relationship, the provision stated in the previous paragraph and child labor protection regulations shall apply, mutatis mutandis.

Article 46

Employer of workers who are less than eighteen years old shall keep the letters of consent from the legal guardians and age certificates of such workers on file.

Article 47

Child workers’ daily working hours shall not exceed eight hours, weekly working hours shall not exceed forty hours, and working on regulated day off is not permitted.

There is no section or they’re not specific about working in a place where they sell alcohol and stuff. And the child workers are under 16 and atleast 15 yrs old.

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Could have been bull, but that’s what I was told- no handling of alcohol or tobacco unless you’re 18. Maybe you’re allowed to work in a place that sells them, if you don’t handle them.

It is articles 47 and 48 of
The Protection of Children and Youth Welfare and Rights Act

Article 47
Children and youth shall not access particular kind wineshops, special coffee/tea stores, adult product retailers, X-rated electronic game arcades and other places that involve gambling, sex and violence are confirmed by authorized agencies to be harmful to the physical and mental health of children and youth…

Article 48
Parents, guardians, or other people looking after children and youth shall prohibit children and youth from working as waiters/waitresses in the places referred to in Paragraph 1 of the preceding article or undertaking dangerous or abnormal work or other work that will harm their physical and mental health.
Anyone shall not use, employ, or force/seduce children and youth to undertake the work referred to in the preceding paragraph.

Article 2
Children and youth in this Act are people below the age of eighteen.


Whoa, whoa, whoa…what is that, and why did I not know they were a thing?