17 yrs old foreigner living alone? NO problem?

hello, im moving from abroad to taiwan very soon…
Is it possible for me to rent an apartment when Im technically a minor(17 yrs old ) :S

I’ll have to open a bank account as well… would it be possible?..my parents will not be near me to represent me in anything…

I’ll have to do everything by my own, is it legal to live independently at this age in taiwan?

On the other hand do you know online real state agencies in Tainan?

18 is the legal age in Taiwan . So you may not be able to sign contracts to rent an apt, get a bank account or stuff like that . But lots of 17 year olds split from their southern taiwan homes to taipei. What they do is get a friend who is at least 18 to do all that stuff for them (in their name).

You cant get a drivers license either, course that doesnt stop people from riding a scooter. After all see all those people who RIDE their scooters to the license testing site, fail, and then ride them home again for a try another day.

How long do you intend to stay in Taiwan? What do you plan to do here? Have you graduated from high school? Do you have friends/relatives/acquaintances here?

You might get better advice if you give us more details like these.

agree with chris.