18-20 hour guarantee

I see a bunch of posts with buxibans guaranteeing hours. Sometime they offer 700-850. Sometimes it’s much lower. Do cram schools actually offer those commitments over the long- term? Or do they give higher paid employees fewer hours and give more hours to lower paid/ less trained employees?

If they are providing you with an ARC, then there is a minimum number of hours they have to provide you, for you to be considered a full time employee. They can’t offer ARCs to part time employees.

There would be very few schools offering 700 - 800 AND 20 hours a week. Definitely not impossible to find, but it is NOT the norm.

I bet that they’ll cart you to two locations (illegally) on your dime to meet all of those promised hours.

For instance, American AGKsion has this ongoing ad on Tealit that guarantees around that many hours. The sap who took the job PM’d me after reading my review after I interviewed at the place, and he mentioned that he ended up with twelve.