18 (9 pairs) Good Reasons to be a City Council Inspector

This just sent to me from a former expat:

taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/ … 2003472687

[quote=“Taipei Times”]The Grand Hotel yesterday held the first performance of its controversial topless show, with wary Council of Labor Affairs (CLA) inspectors on hand to make sure things did not get out of control.

The council gave a conditional go-ahead in March after receiving the hotel’s promise that the 88-minute show would only comprise 10 minutes of topless dancing at most.

Inspectors were watching the show yesterday, which has temporarily obtained approval for performances up until May 21, to make sure that performers did only what had been approved. The council said it would be ready to issue fines if there were any violations.

Aside from topless dancing, the dance troupe of nine women and one man were scheduled to perform songs from musicals, ethnic dancing and various circus acts.

They should surely drag them all into the street kicking and screaming!