18 Days Taiwan Beer 🇹🇼 🍺

Huh, is MINE selling again? Last time I noticed that type was around 2010 I think. I liked it.

Sounds like all Taiwan beers or at least the main ones have rice in the recipe.

In the 1960s locally produced Formosa rice was added to the fermentation process, resulting in the distinctive local flavour for which the beer is known today.

This week, like it.

Beer is disgusting.

Which part is disgusting?

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The taste.

Some just drink to get drunk and don’t think about taste.

Yeah some of us are predisposed to like or not like the taste of beer or were exposed when young.

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If I’m at a NT100 bbq restaurant, 18 days is the first beer I’ll choose if I see it. It’s an unpasteurized beer. it has its own taste.
Bar Beer is the very last beer ill drink, just after Carlsberg.

Bar beer in small cans is great for the beach on a hot summers day

Wine or cocktails would get you drunk way faster.

Fast drunk is sparkling wine with a gin or vodka. Gin and tonic will get you drunk faster than only gin.
Prosecco with pimms no 1 is good too.
Bubbles in Champagne makes girls happy.

Taiwanese beer tastes like water imo. Normally I wouldn’t even give it a glance. But I do occasionally crave for one at a haichandian. It goes well with local food.

I think I’ve finished a bottle of wine and felt nothing. Tipsy maybe but definitely not drunk. I think you’d need much wine to get drunk.

haha reading about that “Ponlai” rice variety on the can inspired my username here :laughing:

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