18 yr old American died on Green Island?

Has anyone else heard about this? My friend was there this weekend and said she passed the accident site. I can’t find anything online…

Yes, it was on the local news.

Scooter accident. Another woman, 54, was injured.

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That is so terrible !! To lose her life at such a young age. BEfore it has really even begun.

Seems she lost her life from a broken neck. One can only hope that it was instantaneous and that she did not suffer.

Too bad she didnt only have minor injuries like the other person.

My half brother died from a car crash when he was 17. His passengers suffered not a scratch. But he died instantly.

Sorry to hear about this accident. It is foolish to speculate on the circumstances of the crash. Any one of a million things could have led to this outcome. If anyone has any good account of this accident I would be willing to listen.

Tourism ‘rental death’ is a phenomenon that can only be avoided through education. It doesn’t matter if it’s Thailand and a 2 stoke KTM enduro, the Phillipines and a Kawasaki quad or just Taiwan and a 125 Kymco, the statistics of safety are not on your side. I hope everyone I know (and those I don’t) goes on vacation remembering that just because you’re in paradise doesn’t mean death gives you a ‘pass’.


I was told by a friend that Green Island scooter renters are now not renting any scooters to any foreigners because of this accident. It doesn’t matter if you have a valid IDP or even a local license so plan your trip accordingly.

That’ll fix the problem alright.

It’s not 100%, though. I suggest banning all foreigners.

What an unbelievable accident… That at a time that was supposed to be relaxing and fun something so horrible would happen to someone so young…
My condolences

On the topic of scooter rental places not now renting to foreigners.

When I went to Green Island a few years ago, I brought my own scooter by driving it from Kaohsiung, paying a small fee to take it on the boat, and drove it around the island. I did this because of hearing that a lot of scooter rental places discriminate by not renting to foreigners in many areas, so bring your own wheels.

Or if you don’t want to drive that far by scooter, you can look into shipping it at many locations near train stations or ask the TRA directly if you can ship your own scooter to Taidong, then drive it to the ferry from there.

i went there shortly after, foreigners can still rent scooters (i did). the difference is now they actually check for a license (i have local one), they may not accept international ones, not sure. but you can still rent electric ones without license, but they are super weak on hills there.

you may also want to wear a helmet there, if you are in the habit of not, as the cops, at least then, were kind of on guard about the whole thing.

Sad about the person dieing. Seems to happen every few months with foreigners and scooter deaths, but in isolated places like an island they tend to actually start caring about things like helmets and licenses afterwards, so plan accordingly.

Next time a local hits the fan … no more rental business due to refusal to rent to anyone … smart!

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