183 days residency requirement for ARC based on marriage

Would an ARC based on marriage have the 183 days residency requirement? Any issue to renew the ARC if the person stay out of Taiwan most of the time?

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[This information is INCORRECT, please see post below for correct details: As far as I know if you leave the country for any more than 183 days you will still have to reapply for it, so be careful. Even with an APRC you are still restricted by this policy.]

You meant eventhough the ARC is not expired yet, a new visa to re-enter Taiwan is required if a person left Taiwan for more than 183 days? I am aware of the 183 days rule for APRC, I am wondering if the same rule applies to ARC.

Can you please elaborate??

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Sorry for my late reply to this, I have been really busy and no chance to check this infomation for you. However, I have done it today and I am wrong, here is the policy:

If you have a JFRV you WILL NOT lose it if you leave for more than 183 days, however if you fail to come back before your JFRV expires than you WILL lose it. Be aware though that if you spend a very long time outside of Taiwan the next time you go to renew your ARC they may ask you why you were outside the country so long and they may only give you a one year extenstion instead of a three year extension. I am sorry for the error in my previous posts. I have had it so long that I have forgotten some of the rules.

Also note for tax issues: If you have a JFRV and so long as your wife is filing as a resident for taxes than you will still be only taxed as a local. However, if your wife does not have income or she is classified as a non-resident then the withholding rate is differerent. Might be 20% I am not sure, I didn’t ask for many details. If you have concerns about this part then I suggest you do more research.

Now for the APRC, yes, you leave for more than 183 days then yes you lose it. However, you can apply with the immigration agency, and if you have a valid reason you may be able to get a 2 year maximum leeway on that, but I think it is only one time and a maximum of 2 years.

Again sorry for my error. I will be going through the last two posts and deleting wrong information so as not to confuse people. Thanks for questioning that.

Thanks for the great information.

Me and my wife are retired, we would like to live part time in Taiwan and most of the time else where in the world. If I do not get my wife an ARC, it would be hard to imagine my wife having to make a visa run if we like to stay in Taiwan longer in any year.

Any suggestions on how to handle my situation?


May I ask you where is you and your wife are from and what passports do you both currently hold?

I have Taiwan and my wife has USA.

Well I guess it all depends on how often and how long each visit you plan to stay, in your situation it is tough based on the current rules. If you think you will live here longer than the US each time then go with the JFRV, but realize that they may cut it from 3 years to 1 on renewal if you are not here enough. And I think the first year you apply they may only give you one year. And also consider about taxes should you need to pay any.