183 Days Rules


I know that foreigners that have been granted in Taiwan with a 90days visa exemt are required to leave the country within that lenght of time. A person can than go for a visa run like in the Philippines or HK. I have heard that there is a 183 days rule, so that it is not possible to stay for more than 183 days per year under a tourist visa in Taiwan. I really like Taiwan and I would like to stay here for one year under a toursit visa doing visa runs every three months. I’m not planning to work and I have enough funds in my bankaccount aroad to survive for one year here. Is this possible or will I have problems with the immigration at the airport? Is this rule true since I could not find an official answer?

183 days refers to tax rates only. You can come in and out on visa exempt till kingdom come

With the 183 day rule and your plans to stay for a year, I think they expect you to pay or file taxes, I cannot remember which.

Are you basically saying this rule does not exist?

I mean for tourism purpose…im concerned about they stop me at the airport or they dont allow me to enter anymore and they deport me and than I cannot go to taiwan anymore unless I apply for visa in advance

Are you from a country that is visa exempt (ie most of the West)?

Then you can stay however long you like, provided you have the means to support yourself.


Yes that is correct I come from a Western country and i have 90days visa exempt. Ok so like at the airport if I come here multiple times they might ask me to check my bankaccount. Have you ever had this experience? Is showing the online balance enough?

Don’t overstay. They won’t ask anything. This isn’t like the US/Canada. They don’t care (unless you have criminal charges here or are on an ISIS watch list or something)

Just don’t get a job unless you have a work permit.

I dont plan to do any of those things. I will just try to survive with some savings I have in my country for one year.

This is easier than you are making it out to be.

You get a 90 day visa free stay when you enter.

on day I dono 88? You go to Hong Kong or Manila or Macau for a day or two, come back and you get…another 90 day visa free stay. Rinse and repeat.

F***s sake man…there is zero issue, just get on a plane.

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You shouldn’t need a bank statement when entering visa-exempt, but you should have proof of onward travel within 90 days. Airline check-in staff sometimes ask to see it.

After 183 days in Taiwan (in a calendar year, not a 12 month period), you are a resident for tax purposes. This is actually a good thing in most cases (because you can deduct your rent, certain investments, etc. from your taxable income), although the tax people may get suspicious if you don’t have a job.

If you want to make fewer trips in and out, you can apply for a 180 day visitor (tourist) visa, but that involves paperwork, a fee, and waiting time.

How does one apply for a 180 day visitor tourist visa? Can you point me to any links? Thanks!

Yes so what should you say? After 183 days you are considered a resident but what if they ask…where is your resident visa?

Being a resident for tax purposes has nothing to do with your visa, so you don’t need a resident visa or an ARC.

The website of the embassy/consulate or equivalent in your country (TECO, TECRO, etc.) lists the requirements for a visitor visa.