183 days TOTAL, or 183 days with an ARC?

Hi Guys and Gals,

No doubt this has been answered, but I’ll still ask, just in case anything has changed recently.

My gf is coming over here from the USA, and she’ll arrive mid-june. That puts her in the 183 day frame, BUT she will get her ARC later-- maybe by mid-july. Does she still qualify for the 183 days? Is it based on arrival into the country OR when your ARC is issued?

Thanks for your help.

For tax purposes, it’s total time in the country, not total time on an ARC. So unless she takes a long vacation outside of Taiwan, she’ll be fine.

Its physical presence on TAiwan. They count all the days . Means time outside of the island counts against the 183 days.

You need to be physically present on Taiwan for over 183 days to be counted as a resident for tax purposes.

Great. Thanks people.

…and the day of entry or exit does NOT count towards your 183 day count.