19 Year Old Canadian... Dual National/Dual Citizen

[quote=“anime4tw”] I’m still trying to convince the mother to give up her citizenship along with mine.[/quote]And I’m trying to plan a European vacation with my Taiwanese sweetie. It’s a bit of a headache with the visas she needs. I think you’re a bit loopy.


I have already graduated from University, HOWEVER, my degrees will NOT be recognized by ROC gov’t, because of the age that I graduated from University (17). So this will lead to another problem when I have to renew my paperwork when I turn 20.


Bollocks, there have also been Taiwan nationals who have been advanced students who studied overseas and their degrees are recognized here even thought hey got their degress as teenagers.

You don’t qualify for citizenship so you’ll just have to live with that. Thankfully I got my ROC nationality a long time ago. :smiley: :smiley:

Coolingtower, myself, Gov Attache, and many others have become ROC citizens without having been married at the time.

For information on adoption, you’d best ask Poagao directly.

she needs a schengen visa and she can go anywhere in Europe (except for England and switzerland she’ll need another visa)

Except that a few places we’re thinking of visiting–Spain, Croatia, Turkey–aren’t Schengen visa countries, and the wedding’s in England, and moving in and out of these various visa zones further complicates things. boo.

Well, that’s not what the Ministry of Education has told me. I was flat out refused, three times, one going in alone, once going in with my mother, and once going in with one of my friends.

And I DO qualify for citizenship, I just have to convince the mother to go along with me. Then I’ll get it with no problems.

As for me being crazy wanting to be Taiwanese, it’s not JUST Taiwanese that I’ll have… so I won’t have the problems with Visa’s, and passports.

If I’m unable to take this route that I want to take now (which is much more fast of a route), I’ll just have to wait it out for another 6 years, and then apply the good old-fasioned way.

Cheers for your marriage, and good luck with the visa’s.

My mother is also getting married soon… next month. Wish you the best…