1986 Hohner Professional ST-57, good condition

I’m selling this Fender '57 exact replica made in Korea by Hohner. Not many around since Fender (rightfully) sued Hohner for copying their products and won, so Hohner had to kill that business division.

I bought it like 3 years ago, took it apart and cleaned it thoroughly, and then had the frets leveled and neck action adjusted by someone at Galaxy Guitars or one of those shops. I think they redid the soldering too.

I haven’t played it much because well, I can’t really play, and I just don’t play more than a week a year…

It includes a gig bag and a whammy bar.

Take her home for7,000 NT!.


Come on guys!

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lol, when you first posted this i assumed it was a harmonica not a fender clone!

how does it sound? i guess with the right amp and pedal it can sound like anything…


Back when I had a Mexican Strat, I was a master of power chords (I like punk) and drop D power chords ((I like metal); you don’t have to be very talented if you can play a power chord!

Yeah, pretty much.

It’s hotter than the typical fender since the pickups are ceramic. It has a nice twang according to my much more experienced guitar player friends. But as you said, sound depends on those other factors. You can also swap pickups to something more of your liking.

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I grabbed my other guitar these days (I do it once a year, roughly), and even that was challenging xD

I had a couple of guitars in Canada, an old Yamaha acoustic that was my dad’s and a Washburn electric/acoustic, I played them a few times a year maybe. Both needed some work, and I took them to a shop who said neither was worth the cost to repair them. So when I moved to Taiwan, I gave them up. Getting rid of my dad’s old guitar was a bit hard, but it only had sentimental value and took up a lot of space (I keep his capo, vintage screw-turn capo is pretty cool and packs well). i just don’t play as much as i used to

yeah, even banging out chords is tricky if we don’t play more than once a year!

that’s a cool guitar, though. if i was interesting in playing electric i would consider it. if anything, i’d probably get an acoustic bass because i’ve never owned one…

Vintage capo, ever seen one like this?

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Damn… you don’t sell your dad’s guitars!

I’m an emotional fucker, so it’s hard for me to say bye to people and things. But sometimes you have to.

Speaking of buying exotic shit… I like clarinets lol. I would like to have one, but I guess I have more important things to do now than maddening neighbours with one more noise.

The capo looks cool. I guess I’ve seen them before… or maybe not! I mean the variety with a screw.

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we can’t all have cool vintage fender-style guitars :wink:

but someone can, for only 7000NT someone can make their electric dreams come true!

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I was considering keeping it but nah… too many toys here and there and I like Gibson scale better. But man, it’s 34 years old! that gives mojo or something haha

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Guys, I’m really in the need of selling this and other things… so I’ll let her go for 6,000NT. Anybody interested? Any offers?