1987 Lieyu massacre

The Lieyeh Massacre in Kinmen in 1987 was when 19 refugees fleeing Vietnam were killed by ROC forces. They were supposedly misidentified as infiltrators or people fleeing the mainland; after they were identified, the survivors were killed to prevent news of the mistake becoming known. Has anybody heard of this? More information?


Wow, I’d never heard about this piece of history. Life under martial law was certainly different than now. It’s not surprising, then, that those responsible and who tried to cover it up served no jail time and still received their full military pensions.

The next time I go to Little Kinmen I’m going to look for any evidence/recognition of this event.

I’ve lived here for thirty years and never heard of it.

You lived in Kinmen for 30 years?

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On 5 June 1987, Independence Evening Post was the first Taiwanese newspaper reporting the massacre

That seems to be the first place to look.

Yes, I am aware of it. Awful, but not sure what else to say about it… maybe Taiwan should issue a belated public apology to Vietnam or offer compensation to the surviving family members of the victims, if they haven’t?


They made up an excuse.

MND followed up in reply: “It has been too difficult to identify the deceased due to the long time, so (the case) can not be processed further.”

Not too long ago some victims from WW2 were still identified in Poland I believe.

The real Refugee Act of Taiwan ( 難民法草案 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书 ) was rejected in 2005, 2006, 2009, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2019 and 2020, and several cases such as Kurds have been repatriated back against the international refugee law in 2013 and 2019.

This is kind of embarrassing.


They haven’t put up a proper memorial for the victims yet.

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It is kind of embarassing that International Law does not recognize Taiwan as an independant nation.


The original commander stationed at Lieyu allowed two defectors from China to swim onto the island, and instead of awarding him for bringing in defectors, the MoND punished the commander since they came up with a stupid rule saying that officers on front line doesn’t have the authority to take in defectors. After being removed from office, the new commander then issued an order to kill any one who come onto the beach.

I was surprised to read about it too. Posted about it before as well, actually:

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Taiwan is Here. Kinmen is There.

Yeah, but maybe @tango42 is there, and you are here, and because he is there, he thinks by here you mean there… :scream:

I was aware of the massacre, but it seems that most Taiwanese people are not. As pointed out above, the victims haven’t been given so much as a memorial monument.

Unfortunately I can’t see this indifference as unrelated to the muted reporting by the Taiwanese media of, for instance, present day extreme abuse of Vietnamese, Indonesian and Pilipino fisherman on Taiwanese vessels.


The ROC military killed hundreds of young 4F Taiwanese conscripts by marching them to death during summer training. Try getting an apology for that…


Maybe if we threaten them with ‘cancel culture’? That always seems to work in the states…


I lived in Kinmen for three years and only ever went to Small Kinmen/Little Kinmen/Lieyu twice. The whole island is one giant tribute to the military past. Camouflage everywhere. While apparently it’s an excellent place for bird watching and nature, you’d never know. Didn’t see anything about the above massacre, but your eyes really start to glaze over after a few thousand “this is where blablabla militarydeathbattlewar took place” signs.